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 The Domino Effect Domino #1 Last November, while waiting for a friend I opened her issue of the Writer’s Digest and read an article titled : Confessions of a Tweetaholic, by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman. I had created an account six month before and didn’t quite get what I could do with it, ...

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Filmography 2010 This doesn't come out as a breaking news anymore, since 9 hours ago, the talented @genrocks put on her twitter: 'Welp, my video just past a million views in less than 3 days.'And in the last 9 hours, it went up to 1,236,125.So what are we talking about exactly-please? ...

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The Blake Page Won't Break Me I have been reading articles and receiving emails for months now, telling me how important it is in 2010 for an independant filmmaker (that I am), screenwriter (also), artist (we can debate on that one) to have his or her own blog and/or website. And I noded in agre ...

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