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Like for many readers, The Hunger Games came as a shock and a very good surprise to me. And as for the Larsson’s trilogy, I had mixed feelings when I learned there will be a screen adaptation. Part of me wants to spend more time with the characters and the universe Suzanne Collins brilliantly ...

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It’s been a few months today that everybody swears by transmedia projects. That’s what we should do to attract audience and media attention. Forget short movies, forget web series, nowadays, it’s all about the transmedia, baby. For those unfamiliar with the concept, transmedia consists in d ...

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While at Sundance this year, I had the pleasure to meet with Timothy Cooper, a New York-based screenwriter who recently received a 2011 WGA Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media, for his web series, Concierge. The interesting story about Timothy is that all ...

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