I’ve always had mixed feelings about ‘Follow Friday‘ [ aka #FF ] on Twitter, this habit to line up as many names as possible on Friday to encourage your followers to follow your top tweet peeps.

I’m not too sure anyone reads a tweet only composed of inexplicit twitter names.

[I know you didn’t read this tweet, and I won’t blame you.]

What sounded at first like a healthy way to promote people and spread the love turned out to be a flattery game: I #FFed you, so you better tweet a ‘thank you’ or #FF me back.

I did #FF, few times. And it’s certainly nice to have a lot of ‘thank you’ at the end of the day (especially for a small account like me, who gets lonely during winter) but every Friday…really?


#FFing allows you to yell that you exist to the people you follow and appreciate, but that probably only serve your own purpose, because unless you tell me why I should follow them, I’m not going to.

I noticed some tweeter accounts started to put one name, with a reason why they are following and pushing them. And I think that’s the real way to go for it. So, today, I have decided to #FF five twitter accounts that I would follow if I could only follow 5 accounts (friends aside).


Please welcome [with no particular order]:

@akstanwyck: Anne Thompson’s Twitter. Anne Thompson is a well-known journalist who has a blog page, Thompson in Hollywood, hosted by indiewire. She is specialized in entertainment and does it very well. Her tweets are explicit, with links, and she is an RT-pro. Anne Thompson follows 677 accounts, the majority of them being key players in the Industry (journalists included) that she retweets a lot. Many many times I have read articles thanks to her retweets, avoiding me the trouble to follow 500 more people.


@ryanbkoo: Koo is an indepenant filmmaker who started one of the most amazing website for independent filmmakers: No Film School. Staying true to his statemement that ones doesn’t need to go to film school to become a filmmaker, Koo shares on a daily basis insight about technologies, directing, writing and much much more. If you don’t have a twitter, I would recommend you to sign up for his weekly newsletter where he links all the articles of the week.


@gizegen: Gizem is a screenwriter who opened a tumblr to share all the visuals that inspire and stimulate her right brain. She regularly tweets links to her new discoveries. It’s an eclectic bubble of inspiration she updates several times per day and I highly recommend it to creative minds. It is truly refreshing and a pleasure of the eyes.


@shericandler: if you follow the independent circle, Sheri Candler should be a familiar name to your ears. Sheri is a marketing strategist who dedicates her work and time to help independent filmmakers. She works closely with Jon Reiss (@Jon_Reiss) and The Film Collaborative (@filmcollab) to name few. Her website is a great source of information and I can only stress out her integrity. If you are a filmmaker, you should start following her and her pals, they are here to help us and they do it well.


@jeannevb: Jeanne is a writer/screenwriter and co-founder of #scriptchat, a community of writers/screenwriters on twitter who share tips, jokes and everything in between. With her treefort pals @kim_garland, @zacsanford, @Jamie_LD and @Mina_Zaher, they are in for a World Domination. Ok, so why Jeanne? Because Jeanne is the one thanks to whom I realized that Twitter could be used as a professional tool. (in other words, she is the source of a  breakthrough). She is also very interested in knowing people and helping them by spreading the love to her 4000+ followers. Her nickname? #TwitterPimpAngel (should I say more?)


Twitter is a professional tool for anyone interested in working in the Industry (Studio side, Independent side and anything else in betweeny.) It is a great way to stay informed quickly about everything and it does give you a chance to ‘talk’ to people you would have never been able to reach otherwise.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this five accounts as much as I do everyday and you’ll spread by sharing who are the twitter accounts that you will keep, no matter what.

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