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Neil Gaiman on American Gods, Journey to the West and how he created a Goddess

It was a full house at the Sabban Theater on Tuesday night that listened to prolific and inspired author Neil Gaiman, on tour across America to promote and celebrate the 10 years New Edition of American Gods, and who was generous in witty anecdotes and wise tales. After an unforget ...

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Website of the day: Art DepartMENTAL

This week I had the chance to discover Art DepartMENTAL and I just dived into it for hours. It's an incredibly rich website that should interest anyone receptive to visual inspiration and solid content.Below is a video from the article that got me: an Exclusive peak at the Sketchbook of B ...

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Spike Jonze + Arcade Fire = Controlled Release online… really? (yes)

So here is an interesting story. Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze teamed up for a 30 minutes short movie named Scenes From The Suburbs, inspired by the band's latest album The Suburbs.All was good and everybody was excited, awaiting for the free release of the movie that was supposed to be ...

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Being Sold: a feature shot in 2 days and released digitally

Being Sold is an interesting case, this is a feature that was shot in two days (?!*@#$%) and for an indecent low amount of money, especially when you look at the end result. I went on the website hoping that I would discover it was an indie drama set in a bedroom, shot handheld on a 7D and ab ...

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Editor creatively bashes FCPX

After Conan, Jeffery Harrell found a creative way to express his dissatisfaction to Apple. Posted five hours ago and edited as a mock-up of the Social Network Trailer, Harrell's video soberly named 'I have no title for this' has already reached more than 3,000 hits after 5 hours on the Net. T ...

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Production Design Workshop: meet Alexis Ross

Look at this picture and remember this face. If you cross path with Alexis Ross*, offer him a cigarette and make him talk as much as possible, chances are you're going to have a great time. That would be my strategy or should have been if I wasn't a shy idiot. (alas, mother)Anyway, I went a ...

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FINAL CUT PRO X – Out, About… and on O’Brien!

So Apple finally launched the much anticipated and feared Final Cut Pro X, and although the NAB presentation was exhilarating (they make it look so easy), it feels now that professionals are more furstrated than pleased by what is really an iMoviePro 1.0.The major good news is the price: $ ...

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J.K.Rowling cuts the middleman and launches Pottermore

The woman whose fierce imagination lead to a reading revolution has talked!Couple of weeks ago, ten map coordinates were scattered across nine fan sites and one official Twitter account, revealing letters that spelled out POTTERMORE, the new project J. K. Rowling is launching.The websi ...

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Looking for a job in the Industry? Try Twitter…

I keep being amazed by Twitter's potential as a professional tool. To me there is no doubt that a twitter account is a must have when you are or want to be in the Industry. Although it is hard to explain to a non-user the benefits of having one, and to many it might just seem like another way for ...

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Enjoy Levi’s Film Workshop Equipment and Events until August 8

Right next to the Art in the Streets exhibition, and working hand in hand with some of its participants, Levi's Film Workshop is an open space for filmmakers to go and enjoy equipment rentals, editing suites and attend free events and screenings.You can RSVP and attend events about 3D, P ...

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