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It was a full house at the Sabban Theater on Tuesday night that listened to prolific and inspired author Neil Gaiman, on tour across America to promote and celebrate the 10 years New Edition of American Gods, and who was generous in witty anecdotes and wise tales.

After an unforgettable reading with Zelda Williams and Patton Oswalt of the Queen of Sheba’s scene set in Los Angeles,  Gaiman answered questions from the audience and talked about his coming projects:American Gods adaptation as a TV Show for HBO and his three picture deal adaptation of Journey to the West.

When asked what he really wanted to see Playtone, Tom Hanks production company who bought the rights, to keep or put on-screen, Gaiman replied that there were two things he felt strong about.  He really wanted the characters’ race to be respected and ‘I want to make it faithful but also I would like it to have a few surprises for the people who know
the book.‘, he added. Gaiman is executive-producer and writer on the show that is reported to last six seasons and air start airing on HBO somewhere in 2013.

[diggression: if you click on the Playtone link above, you’ll see that the site is still in construction but you are kindly invited to visit Tom Hank’s Myspace Page (?!#@$). I had to say that.]

Gaiman also revealed that while doing research for American Gods,  he decided to add to the Morning and Evening Stars, respectively Zorya Utrennyaya and Zorya Vechernyaya, a sister he baptised  Zorya Polunochnaya, that would be the Midnight Star. With time and the arrival of Wikipedia, Zorya Polunochnaya became an ‘official’ goddess and serious books published after 2001 incorporated Zorya Polunochnaya in their mythology, giving Gaiman the satisfaction to know he had literally added a Goddess to History.

Journey to the west

The writer mentioned that he had just penned a thick outline for the three picture adaptation of Journey to the West, one of his favourite Chinese book and a classic Chinese mythological novel. Gaiman was doing some research in China, with the idea to write a non-fiction book about Journey to the West when he got offered to write the scripts for the films adaptation.

Gaiman is part of a small group of writers who, like J. K. Rowling or Chuck Palahniuk, has a strong fan-base and can fill a room of 1500 seats in a few tweets. Unlike Rowling, Gaiman is social media oriented and you can follow him on twitter or on his blog that he both updates on a regular basis.

Craig Ferguson received Gaiman on the Late Late Show that was recorded just before the Sabban’s talk and went on air the same night. If you are not familiar with the man, here is your chance!

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