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Charlie Kaufman Talks About His Writing Process in a Master Class

Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter of Human Nature, Being John Malkovich,  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation and Synecdoche New York, that he also directed, talks about his creative process at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Mentioning an anecdote that happened to him the ...

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The Director/Editor Relationship: Free Webinar on a Key Collaboration

This is a webinar I am really looking forward to attending. I have cut films for other directors and the relationship between a director and an editor is something I found so fascinating that I often wished I could be a little mouse in the post-production facility spying on my favourite di ...

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Hunger Games – New Pictures Are Out And…

A lot has happened since my last article about the adaptation of The Hunger Games, and retrospectively when it comes to the movie itself, not so much. All the actors have been casted and the Internet is buzzing around the recently revealed pictures of our two male leads: Peeta Mellark and Gal ...

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Three Contests To Win Filmmaking Equipment

Having its own gear is a good way for independent filmmakers to cut down budget and sell themselves at a higher rate for freelance jobs. Within the next six weeks, three running competitions will close, and the good thing is that they all offer Equipment as a Prize: 1 - CreativeLIVE Vincent La ...

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Michel Gondry and Bjork Team Up Again For ‘Crystalline’ Music Video

While we'll still have to wait until September, 26 to discover Biophilia,  the new album/project partly recorded on iPad, described by Bjork as a multimedia collection "encompassing music, apps, internet, installations, and live shows" and made in collaboration with Apple, we can now not only ...

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Who Needs a Crane When You Can Mount a 7D on a Mini-Helicopter?

Mutiny Bike, a BMX Company based in Austin that has been shooting bike stunts videos for years now, took it to the next level when they decided to attach a Canon 7D to a mini-helicopter to shoot their new video. The camera was fixed with a wide lens to keep the focus. About flying the helicopt ...

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Give a Super-8 Feel to Your Movies With the iSupr8 App

UPDATE 02-20-2013: The App now costs $1.99. The app was used by director Malik Bendjelloul to finish his Oscar nominated documentary "Searching for Sugar Man" when he ran out of money and needed to do pick up shots. And so he did, with his iPhone and the app. Read more here.Until August 23 ...

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Pixar Animator Austin Madison’s Letter to the Animator Letters Project

With Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks working very hard to entertain us while keeping the quality high and climbing, being an animator has never seemed so desirable. But if animation projects multiply, one thing hasn't changed, and it's the difficulty to integrate these dreamy teams.Last year, ...

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Andrew Niccol New Sci-Fi Movie Trailer ‘In Time’ is Out. With Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

During their panel at Comic-Con today 20th Century Fox  screened In Time trailer.In Time is the new movie from writer-director Andrew Niccol, who had the great taste to bring us Gattaca and The Truman Show. Set in a dystopian world (surprise!), it tells the story of Will/Justin Timberlake ...

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Update Hobbit: The Dwarves Team is Complete and The Video #3 is Up!

The picture of Thorin, the 13th Dwarf and leader of the group, has finally been revealed. The team of fellows in the Hobbit is now complete. Thanks to GeekTown for the amazing panorama of the first 12 Dwarves with their names.( I had to cut it in half for a better viewing.)UPDATE 07/20/2 ...

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