It’s been 24 hours now that The Modern MovieMaking Movement, the latest collaboration between several key actors of the new independent wave is out for free. You’ll probably noticed some familiar names on the cover, such as Sheri Candler or Jon Reiss, and you would be right to think that that’s a good sign.

Click here to download the 118 pages eBook. Each author shared his or her knowledge and/or reflections about the specific field they’re coming from. I read it and it’s a great tool to have around, it’s current and each article is a strong foundation to build on. All the authors have their own website on which they expand their ideas and you can find these resources in the book.

We are lucky to live in a moment where sharing with your community is considered a healthy and key component to develop a career, and that Internet let’s us spread such good news in a fast and furious pace.

Have a good read!





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