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With Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks working very hard to entertain us while keeping the quality high and climbing, being an animator has never seemed so desirable. But if animation projects multiply, one thing hasn’t changed, and it’s the difficulty to integrate these dreamy teams.

Last year, Willie Downs, who secretly always wanted to become an animator but was about to graduate in a very different field, decided to write to Pixar and Dreamworks animators, seeking advice. They both replied, encouraging him not to give up on his dream. Willie posted the letters on a blog and decided to gather more of the, so people who feel like they are born in the wrong place, at the wrong time would feel inspired as well.

This became the Animator Letters Project.

This idea is “pure awesomeness” and the stories and advice shared in the letters are valid for anyone craving to become something bigger than what the odds gave him/her and that implies a creative process.

Below is the letter from Pixar Animator Austin Madison that I particularly liked (I was divided between this one and Disney Animator Dale Baer’s letter, which I recommend as well).

Austin Madison - The Animator Letters Project

Austin Madison - The Animator Letters Project

This week I will post a second article about animation and a possibly brighter future for those who dream to become animators. So stay tuned.

For more letters check http://www.animatorlettersproject.com.

Finally, a big thank you to @Flaneur_C and @gizegen for sharing these project with me.

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