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100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds

If you're in need of a crash course about East London fashion over the last century, this video is for you.The video, shot for the opening of a mall in London covers 100 years of fashion, presented through a choreography shot in stop-motion.Impressive indeed.via webinapage

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The Hunger Games First Teaser Trailer is Out

The first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games premiered last night at the MTV Video Music Awards. The HD version was closed to international viewers, and since I'm still in Europe, I watched the lower quality Youtube version that is embedded below. Not much to say really, it's a brief action s ...

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Here are the five latest best of the tweets from August 17th, 2011 to August 21st, 2011 (on my timeline)1 - Submanic, aka Joshua Harvey, is a Writer of stories. Destroyer of men. Or so says his bio. For those of you unfamiliar with what Daleks are, Wikipedia says that they are a fiction ...

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What is That?! CineSkates: You’ll Probably Want It, I know I Do.

M.I.T graduate, mechanical engineer and Cinetics founder Justin Jensen had the great idea to create CineSkates, a set of three wheels that you can plug to a GorillaPod Focus tripod and allows you to obtain fluid movements when going for a challenging angle.The product is not yet available ...

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FCPX Vs Adobe Warp Stabilizer

Director of Photography Tom Guilmette shot a short video running along a train track with a Sony SR11 and recorded himself doing so with his Blackberry. With the help of his friend Gert Kracht he then tested the FCPX stabilizer versus the Adobe Warp Stabilizer and uploaded his result. Guilmete ...

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Why Backing Koo’s Feature Film Man-Child Can Help Your Own Project

As you probably remember from one of my earliest article, I am a huge fan of No Film School, a website I discovered almost a year ago and that provides daily and invaluable information for independent filmmakers. With half a million views per month and a Best Creative Blog Award in 2011, I'm gu ...

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When We Used to Write: Kubrick’s Fan Letter to Bergman

In 1960, still relatively unknown director Stanley Kubrick wrote a fan letter to Ingmar Bergman, expressing his gratitude for the Swedish director's work that 'have moved deeply, much more deeply than ever been moved by any films'.Reading this typed letter, where one major director shar ...

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Geek Alert: The Meta Stop Motion Video Formula

Take 1500 pictures + Develop them + Ask 500 persons to each hold one of the aforementioned 1500 pictures and to smile + Take a picture of them holding the picture, smiling + Make a movie = Become the next Youtube Hit. (tss, tss, it looks so much better on Vimeo)The video was uploaded yest ...

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Scorsese’s Documentary “George Harrison: Living In The Material World” Trailer is Out

Martin Scorsese long-awaited two parts documentary about George Harrison will air on HBO on October 5th and 6th. Scorsese had granted us a few years back with the excellent documentary No Direction Home  about Bob Dylan's life, and from the brilliantly cut trailer, it seems that Georg ...

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Watch Blow-Minding Animation Mac’N’Chesse

Staying true to today's theme, Mac'N'Cheese is a mind-blowing two minutes animated short movie realized by four students from the Utrecht School of Arts, that took 5 months to see light.Despite its short length, the animators created various sequence block that altogether form a unified pea ...

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