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“Best of the Tweets” is the newest category on mentorless.

As much as I love Twitter, its fleeting aspect always frustrated me. And because it’s better to multiply sources for the future archeologists [with a specialization in virtual recoveries], I have decided to open this new section where I will be able to share and keep the tweets from industry-related people that I enjoyed. It will highly probably be often because they make me smile, but there’s no shame in smiling, right?

It felt appropriate to make it a Sunday category, although its recurrence will depend on people’s tweets.

And without further ado, the tweets:

August 2 - Mr Clark
August 4 - ShawnRyan

August 6 - Damon Lindelof
August 6 - Matthew Libatique

Matthew Libatique picture Hollywood Cemetary

August 6 - Kelly Oxford
August 7 - Stephen Saito

1-Mister Clark is a London based “Art Department guy [who] makes stuff you see and don’t care about.” With this bio, what else can you do but check his website?

2- Shawn Ryan is a Writer/Producer who had the great idea to create The Shield. For those of you who haven’t been yet exposed to “Toddlers and Tiaras”, a fair warning before you start searching on the Internet: it is Rated NR psychologically speaking.

3- If you haven’t watched Lindelof’s interview yet, he is Lost c0-creator and writer. [among other things]

4- The half of my favorite tandem chilling and enjoying anonymity at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Matthew Libatique is a cinematographer and long-time collaborator of Darren Aronofsky.

5 -Kelly Oxford is the “In-America-Only” type of story. In the vein of Justin Halpern, Oxford, a Canadian mother of three (fact that we all feel obliged to share because, well, a young and pretty woman, witty, successful AND with three kids… that’s an unexpected combo, right?), has seen her life changed after she discovered her super-power in life was to write funny tweets. Yes, for some people 140 characters is all it takes. Oxford has now a sitcom in development for CBS, executive-produced by Jessica Alba who, way back when, pushed Oxford twitter-career by sharing her oxfordian’s appreciation with her followers. (That I cannot find because nobody saved it. See how useful this column is going to be!)

6 – Stephen Saito is a writer/film-critic with a fresh new website: The Moveable Fest. About his tweet: Yes,  Soderbergh, long time Gary Ross‘ pal, will direct Hunger Games Second Unit! The information was “leaked” by tweets from Production Designer Eddie Mills and Electrician Chrys Blackstone, and picked up by The Playlist, creating a mini buzz on the Net. Now, don’t  waste time looking for Mills and Blackstone’s twitter accounts, they have been closed. Hope for their mortgages they didn’t get blacklisted. I’m not sure if Studios have already developed a Twitter policy, but if not, we shouldn’t have to wait too long for it now. What can be a great marketing tool to gather fans can become a deadly weapon for Studios.

But let’s not overlook the second part of Saito’s tweet! Aronofsky, second unit director on Phat Beach? Believe.

Aronofsky 2n Unit Director Phat Beach






Funny reveal aside, this news actually pleases me as I often wonder how now established directors made a leaving before they break-in. Somehow, we always know about the actors dramatic struggle but the subject seems taboo when it comes to directors/DPs/screenwriters.

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