Best of the Tweets

For those unfamiliar with this world wildly talked about new category and in need of an explanation, check Best of The Tweets #1.

Lauren Socha - August 7
Danny Zuker - August 7
Felicity Day - August 8

Joel Stillerman - August 13

Kurt Sutter - August 14



Who Are They and What Happened:

1 – BAFTA winner for her supporting role in Misfits (you know the best TV Show airing) Lauren Socha  gets tired of people commenting on her accent and associating it with her IQ. Go girl!

Watch the spoiler-free video below for a taste of her accent and the show:

2-Modern Family writer/producer (and before that of British show Coupling) Danny Zuker reviews The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

3-The Guild creator and actress Felicia Day‘s reaction after she learned from an article on Internet, that Syfy had a change of heart and cancelled TV show Eureka.

4- First tweet from fake Joel Stillerman account. (Real) Stillerman is AMC’s head of Original Programming and right in the center of the s**t storm that hit the channel recently.

5 – Kurt Sutter, that I shouldn’t present anymore, last tweet before pulling the plug on his account due to the overwhelming reaction in the Industry after his AMC tweets.

Below is his newest video for WTF Sutter, the channel where he answers fans questions about Sons of Anarchy. In this video Sutter mentions the reasons why he is considering quitting Twitter but also answers extensively the very interesting question: ‘How do you tell someone that you’re killing them off?

This is definitely worth watching for SoA fans and hoping-to-be/trying-to-be writers

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