Final Cut Studio

It’s in a much quieter fashion that Apple has put back on sale Final Cut Studio, the video editing package that includes Final Cut Pro 7 and all its complementary programs.

But don’t take that as an acknowledgement of failure from Apple, after the mixed reception Final Cut Pro X received, but rather as another confusing move.

Final Cut Studio is on sale on its original price of $999, for a limited amount of time: until Apple sales off their remaining stock. What it probably means is that they won’t go back on working on new plugins or applications for a Final Cut Pro 8.

If you wished you had bought Final Cut Studio before they took it out from the market, don’t wait too long and arm yourself with courage: you cannot buy it via Apple’s website nor can you go at an Apple Retail Store; so take your phone and dial their 800 number.

As for Final Cut Pro X, Scott Macaulay from Filmmaker Magazines explains:

Early adopters of Final Cut Pro X hoped that speedy updates from Apple would add needed additional functionality, but it now appears that the product will only be updated once or twice a year. Some functionality, like the ability to export OMF files, has come from third-party developers — and costs even more than the program itself.

As more and more professionals are questioning FCPX and operating the switch without looking back, it will be very interested to see where Apple will stand at the next NAB session.

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