Best of the Tweets

A lot of tweets for Best of the Tweets #4, I had to choose within many winners and decided to stay focused on people tweeting about or coming from the industry (for lack of a better word):

Best of the Tweets #4

1 – Mark Leggett is a designer/illustrator/nice guy. I’ll just add that he is from New Zealand and his tweets are (often) hilarious.

2 – Kaya Scodelario is a British actress discovered in Skins [First & Second Generation], fed up with false rumors circulating about her and actress Billie Piper, she sets it straight. For straightforward and genuine tweets from a young actress in the industry, I’d recommend her.

3 – Scott Chernoff is a writer, director actor of TV Guide Letter Theater (he does other things too, but that’s how I came to follow him). I still need to watch Buried, Reynold’s last hope, before joining Chernoff, but he has a point…

4 – I’m sure I don’t need to present indie producer and author of the excellent blog Hope for Film, Ted Hope. (Yet, I still did) A must follow to discover great articles, interesting reflections and opinions about what’s going on in the industry, as seen above.

5 – Very moving tweet from Henry Rollins while in Haiti. It might feel odd to put it in the middle of lighter tweets, but Rollins is only one of many artists/actors/directors/writers etc. using their influence and power to keep us aware of what’s going on and help by going on the field and living someone else reality and I think it’s important to show that side of it too. You can read more about Rollins experience on here and see more actions from artists, especially in Haiti, via artists for peace and justice.

6 – Of course you know Duncan Jones because you’ve read this! And here is the picture [again, spoiler alert] he mentioned:


7 – It seems like Mister Sutter is back. Might be harder than it seems to quit the twittosphere.

8 – Dan Harmon is the struggling creator of the very funny and under appreciated show Community. Seems like we should pay particular attention to Season 3, Episode 1. And not to be annoying, I suggest we send him tweets the night it airs trying to guess where were the 21 seconds that got cut. (because they did get cut)

9 – Last but not least, Film Critic at Variety Justin Chang acid comment about Knightley‘s performance during (I’m assuming) the press conference for Cronenberg‘s new movie, A Dangerous Method that premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and that I’m looking forward to seeing.

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