Don Draper Timeline

Hard to know who hides behind eleist, an avatar created 13 hours ago and through which was uploaded a video that should become viral anytime soon… on Facebook for instance. Besides the Winklevoss brothers, it would be presumptuous to rule anyone, but if hardcore fans are always capable of great creativity, something tells me that Zuckerberg‘s company is not too far behind the video.

Best of the Tweets Week 6

You’re not without knowing that Facebook has recently introduced a new way of seeing information and sharing them with Timeline, a profile system where all your information will be displayed chronologically, giving to your life the meaning and order it lacked until now.

Best of the Tweets Week 6

As expected, the first reactions were mostly negative, beside the traditional A-team of early adopters. (Only 5 of my friends have switched to Timeline so far. At least now I know who to call for a test product.)

And here appears this viral. Thanks to a scene borrowed from AMC hit Mad Men, eleist used Don Draper charisma and best arguments to demonstrate how nostalgia will break us, poor lads and future adopters of Timeline.

Is he right?

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