FF or not FF 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Best Movie-Of-The-Year-Tweet (part 2)

Screen shot 2011 10 04 at 16.15.29 1 Best of the Tweets #8

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Consensus around Drive this week between Directors Notes and Philip Bloom. The Ryan Gosling/Carey Mulligan movie about A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman [and] discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong hasn’t ceased buzzing since its Toronto screening.

Directors Notes is an excellent website about the what, how and why of independent filmmaking. DP, director, filmmaker Philip Bloom is a regular of mentorless, in here, here and here.


Best Steve-Jobs-Tweets

Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 04.40.36 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 03.00.10 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 03.00.24 1 Best of the Tweets #8


Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 02.59.10 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 21.32.53 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 06 at 03.00.36 1 Best of the Tweets #8

  • Millie Proud is a Freelance Art Dept Assistant, Production Designer, Art Director, Model Maker, Set Decorator, Scenic Artist | Wolves Fan and I want to know how she did that tweet.
  • You know Letters of Note fromthe Kubrick’s Fan Letter to Bergman.
  • Batdrance is a Gotham Outsider who has our backs (right?)
  • Amy Monroe is a Writer, teacher, vidder and bitch: At your service. [Recapper for LOSTBLOG.com. Join us for LOST REWATCH!] LOST, FRINGE, Sons of Anarchy & movies in 2D. I owe her Sons of Anarchy and that’s already a lot.
  • Brittany is a Coulrophobic.Chrematphobic.Theophobic. I’m a Nurse at a Psych Ward; I come across some crazy shit. Not sure if the tweet is an original [I’ve seen it going around on Facebook later] but that’s brilliant anyway.
  • Apparently Charlotte White deals with cake all day long: Cake Designer and Dreamer: Bespoke Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes which taste as good as they look! For Jobs she dropped the icing and focused on the Apple.


Best LA-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 03 at 13.11.35 1 Best of the Tweets #8

After the dogs dilemma, the headshots trauma. That’s LA baby. Thanks to Lloyd Levinfilm producer with two slices of bread looking for a piece of cheese to make a sandwich, for sharing this life-changing moment.


Best Quote-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 07 at 13.53.24 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Not much to add. Hendrix truly lived by his quote.

Am Waldo is the twitter of Waldo’s Fan Site (and I feel I have to precise that don’t know Waldo’s myself so I’ll let you discover it by yourself if you’re curious).


Best Gender-Tweets

Screen shot 2011 10 02 at 15.13.49 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 04 at 16.17.34 1 Best of the Tweets #8

Screen shot 2011 10 04 at 16.19.05 1 Best of the Tweets #8

  • Danny Ricker is a staff writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Live television program. [His] hobbies include performing live comedy and worrying about things.
  • Mike Alber is a tv writer. screenwriter. haberdasher. watch #DeathValley, the show I write for, on #MTV Mondays at 10:30pm.
  • Rob Delaney is a Comedian,Writer, 6’3 217lbs.


Best Hashtag-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 07 at 13.03.08 1 Best of the Tweets #8

I love it when a hashtag gives a new meaning to a sentence. Writer/Producer/Geek Amy Berg, used it superbly well.

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