FF or not FF 1 Best of the Tweets #9

This Best of the Tweets is marked by clashes of the worlds!

This week, people from all boards tweeted and as I was scanning through my selection I couldn’t help but noticing that if the many worlds composing the Western World are coexisting, they are trembling and shaking. Twitter might be at fault or to praise for that, depending on how you see things. It certainly is the most democratic platform I’ve seen so far and I enjoy that aspect of this tool very much.

I should add before starting that this Best of the Tweets is more political than light-and-funny and I’m sure some people will be bother by that, but I just cannot not do it that way.


Best LA-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 11 at 00.34.44 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Screen shot 2011 10 14 at 08.53.18 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Moby aka The Little Idiot summed up in less than 140 characters many conversations I had with friends in the past year. For Independent directors, New-York is more attractive than L.A. [the art scene really concerning the music scene in my opinion], but expensive rents, hard weather and no KCRW make it hard to go East and easy to see the West as the best if not only option at the moment.

But if you are in the business of films in L.A., what The Waterhole [ aka Nathan Cole?] experienced will be your daily routine. At the gym, the coffee shop or in the car, there will always be a script being read in the corner of your eye. The Waterhole is an independent film featuring Patrick J. Adams out now on DVD – The tweets are from the mind of the film’s writer/producer Nathan Cole.


Best Quote-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 12 at 19.35.53 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Screen shot 2011 10 13 at 12.07.49 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Clayton Cubitt is a Thinker. Problem solver. Image maker. Artist Erykah Badu lives by her saying and it is a great one.

Cameron Crowe’s quote, tweeted by film school IAFT_Filmschool, couldn’t come at a better time. It does feel sometimes that with all the distractions brought by the many screens surrounding us, it is getting harder to live in action. And to create believable and active characters, someone has to live, right?


Best Social Media-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 11 at 10.50.10 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Screen shot 2011 10 12 at 07.14.20 1 Best of the Tweets #9


If you don’t know writer/screenwriter William Gibson aka Great Dismal for his work, you might know him from the Duncan Jones/ William Gibson Tweeter debate. I cannot recommend you enough to follow him. He always does great retweets and when he tweets, he is either interesting or creative. Gold.

I picked The Hollywood Reporter tweet because it’s the perfect representation of our schizophrenic world. Below is the list of the 10 accounts with the most followers :

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga, 14,381,470)
Justin Bieber (@justinbieber, 13,309,185)
Barack Obama (@barackobama, 10,675,468)
Katy Perry (@katyperry, 10,481,994)
Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian, 10,307,959)
Britney Spears (@britneyspears, 10,099,290)
Shakira (@shakira, 9,088,877)
Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13, 8,415,223)
Rihanna (@rihanna, 8,223,280)
Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk, @7,908,888)

Only one isn’t coming from the Entertainment sector, and it is the President of the United States! Although it can be easily explained, I find it crazy and sad. Read THR full article here.


Best Attached-Photo Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 14 at 18.13.14 1 Best of the Tweets #9



AbvZI1eCEAE1sDS Best of the Tweets #9

Screen shot 2011 10 13 at 22.07.15 1 Best of the Tweets #9




AbsRb9WCIAEUqGT Best of the Tweets #9

Mat Clayton is the co-founder of Mixcloud.com and founder of webticketing.net and Wakari and either he has a funny neighbor or he should get out of Cambridge asap, for his safety of course.

Mark Ruffalo made it again with this beautiful Nina Simon quote that he uses to reflect the reasons of his active participation to Occupy Wall Street. Although I’m sure it was unintentional, I found it a powerful and succint way to “answer” back to  The Hollywood Reporter’s article ‘Occupy Wall Street Protests Pose Unique Risk for Stars Who Get Involved‘ reporting than the Stars using their fame to support this cause could hurt their careers. Nice.


Best Disconnected-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 12 at 23.54.16 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Screen shot 2011 10 12 at 23.55.07 1 Best of the Tweets #9

And while America is going upside down with the 99% fighting for their rights, Kevin Spacey takes the time to tweet to his 2,124,923 followers a copyrighted picture of himself smoking a cigar on a boat along the Italian coast.

Here we go, finally someone not putting his career at risk all the while showing what we should all want and fight for! But let’s not be unfair, Spacey’s bio precise that he is a Former shoe salesman now making a go at film and theater. Wish me luck… Ha, the American Dream, one day shoe salesman, the next cigar smoker on JFK’s boat.


Best Legal-Tweet

Screen shot 2011 10 15 at 20.43.39 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Screen shot 2011 10 11 at 21.54.06 1 Best of the Tweets #9


Glen Malley is a Canadian software guy living in Tokyo for ages. His tweet got retweeted more than a hundred time, and for a reason. Here is an article about the charges against stars life hacker Christopher Cheney who might really face 121 years in prison.

And if you want to know more about the people who made the global economy collapsed, became richer and are still in place in the White House and elsewhere, watch the 2011 Oscar Nominee documentary Inside Job. (Don’t watch it if you’re diagnosed depressive. Took me three days to smile again.)


Filmmaker, actor, [and] now author Albert Brooks is making fun of the latest scandalous lawsuit that has seen light: a woman suing Film District for misleading trailer for Drive. (yes, you read correctly)

She thought, when watching the trailer, that she was going to see Fast and Furious [meets the Notebook?] and she was SO disapointed when she realized that, well, it was a completely different movie involving cars, that she decided to skip the reasonable-reaction I didn’t like that movie and the cheap-but-still-better-than-lawsuit-reaction I want a refund for my movie ticket because I hated that movie so much that it hurst my toe nails and went directly to I-have-no-better-cause-in-my-life-to-fight-for-than-this-one-so-let’s-sue-them!


Here ends Best of the Tweets #9. You can find the previous best of the Tweets below.


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