An iPhone 4S + a 50mm SLR Lens = A Pocket DSLR?

Vid-Atlantic 50mm SLR Lens for iPhone 4S

While people are lining up in front of Apple Stores to get the iPhone 4S and Twitter keeps buzzing about Siri, videos are already circulating showing the new phone camera’s  capacities.

No Film School published yesterday a very interesting article about the video by Robino Films comparing side by side footage from the Canon 5D Mark II (around $2,300) and the iPhone 4S ($199 with contract or $649 contract-free for the 16GB). Keeping in mind that we’re talking about a camera vs a telephone and that the comparison can only be taken to a certain point, the footage are impressive:

Vid-Atlantic, a company that produces and sells exclusively a 50mm SLR lens for iPhones and iPods just released a video test shot with the iPhone 4S:

The new iPhone 4S video has a much greater quality camera than the last few iPhones do and attaching SLR lenses allows you to knock the background out of focus just like real film and cinema cameras with large sensors or 35mm frame sizes.

The EnCinema iPhone SLR Lens Adapter itself costs $219 but to mount it, you also need to buy the OWLE Bubi Mount, bringing the full kit to a total of $388.95.

Of course this will never replace a DSLR, and it will be foolish to think so, but since you always have your phone in your pocket and that’s the most discrete piece of equipment to carry with you, being able to mount a 50mm lens to play with depth and focus can come as a handy option to shoot good footage in difficult locations.

How do you feel about the lens? Do you find it too gadgety or a promise of unexpected footage in better quality?

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