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Mouth Taped Shot, one of the Five Tumblr accounts to follow for another look at films, storytelling and the industry, justified -again- its selection taking The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to another level of promotion.

The tumblr, that has been cultivated its mysterious profile, sharing daily shots or videos from Fincher’s set as if it was coming from a Salanderian type of hacker (although it’s clear that it received Sony’s blessings) has posted today a one and half-minute sequence of the bridge, shot on Super 8, and probably standing as one of the Flash Back of the film.

The scene is worth watching of course. Its lack of sound and the perfect orchestration between the extras and the camera’s POV, gave it an eerie feel and it does seem as if we opened the door hidden in the Floor 7 1/2 and were really watching through the eyes of whoever is sitted in the car.

But the real intrigue resides in the tags attached to the video: look closerWIHISslash.

It took only few minutes for followers to unlock WIHIS’ meaning, it stands for What Is Hidden In Snow. But if you go on the url, you’ll just see this:

What is Hidden in Snow

It is the same grid as the one you can see on the down right corner of Mouth Taped Shut pages.  But nothing happens there, unless you use the third tag: ‘slash‘ and adds a keyword behind it.

But which key world?

There might be several keywords, each unlocking a different information, but here is one at least: if you put backwardglance behind the slash you’ll see that:

WIHIS - Backward Glance

So there is roughly 3 hours left to find out a stone that might be located in San Diego, if we believe that the numbers above are coordinates:

San Diego Coordinates

I honestly have no clue of what’s going on but I’m excited!

Is the stone going to unlock another clue? Is there more keywords in the video? Is each square in the grid an element that will be reveal by December 21st?

So many questions and already an answer in three hours, hopefully!

In any case, I can only admire TGWTDT marketing strategy that hits right into the fans soft spot with its new transmedia feel.

UPDATE AT 5h20: was there something in San Diego?  We’ll never know. But whatever was supposed to be found, nobody found it and WIHIS is now showing this:


Did Sony (or whoever is behind the viral attempt) overestimate fans’ willingness or capacity to react? Will that attempt be the last one on their hand or will there be more of those mysterious clues?

Is it that obvious that I was an X-Files fan and that I’m longing for more of these stuff? In any case, I’ll deny everything.

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