So this is it. We now know what was to be found in San Diego and was found in Los Angeles, one of the 40 dried flowers sent to Henrik Vanger each year since the unsolved disappearance of his favorite niece, Harriet.

It was the same system as yesterday. The slash word was lust this time and revealed a picture of Bunker Hill and its Angels Flight funicular.

Helped by @Star_Nubalo via twitter, I decided to go and try to find out what was taped behind. Unfortunately, I spent too much time focusing on the wagons and not enough around it. And when I did, Geoffrey McCarthy was already on it.

Geoffrey Mc Carthy with the Flower

Thanks to him, we now know what is going on. We can assume that each day there will be a clue to find one of the flower in each town, with a David Fincher signed congratulations note.

Harriet Flower #39

McCarthy had to go on the What Is Hidden In Snow website, alerting them that the clue was found. And that’s what you can see now:

So keep an eye open on Mouth Taped Shut, the next flower might be in your city.

Now what will happened once all the clues are unlocked? Is the grid of any use? And what does the year 1989 mean?

To be continued…

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  1. Just speculating…1989 probably signifies the year Harriet’s flower was sent. She had been missing since Sept. 24th, 1966, so it fits in the time frame.

  2. 1989 would be the year that one of the 40 flowers were sent to Henrik. This is a speculation on my part, but I’m not quite sure why 1989 would be significant. It could be the fact that by 1989 the term “legally incompetent” could no longer be applied to adults(pg. 179 in Dragon Tattoo). Lisbeth, I believe, is 24 in Dragon Tattoo, 6 years over the age of a legal adult, and she’s still been declared incompetent by the Swedish courts. 1989 was also the year Lisbeth turned 11, the year before she set her father on fire. I had to do a little digging; hope it provides some insight.

    • Yes I think the year is one of the year where a flower was sent. But why this year with this flower? (my point being, the year comes more as a distraction than as a helpful clue in the ‘treasure hunting’ aspect of the viral campaign.
      I like your speculation about 1989 and Lisbeth though, very interesting. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. I totally agree. @jesuiscamille pointed out on that the first clue for San Diego had 1958 — the 1st year Harriet have Henrik a flower. I think the year clue will tell us what flower it will be. Also, what was it actually “taped behind”?

    • ‘Taped Behin’ was a clue to find the envelope leading to the framed flower. It was taped behind a sign at Bunker Hill.
      Because all the other elements were actual clues to find out the flower, I cannot help wondering if the dates have another signification as well. And why going from 1958 to 1989? It might be totally random, but if so, it seems odd in a campaign that seems so carefully planned.

      • 1958 is the year that Henrik Vanger moved Harriet and Martin to his place because their parents, Gottfried and Isabella, were irresponsible and lazy, prone to partying from Henrik’s descriptions.

        • Well done Phoenix!
          If the dates are only related to ‘random’ events that happened to those two characters, then they are really of no use to find the flowers -or whatever else might be to find. Would be nice to discover that they’re actually part of something bigger, like a whole background story with the dates, but then they don’t have much time to reveal the new mythology. (And I’m not sure that they’re allowed to take these liberties with Larsson’s work.)

  4. I’ll have to do some more research but I just thought of this. Those who have read Dragon Tattoo know who’s been sending the flowers and who’s been receiving them. Shouldn’t we try to look at the lives of those two characters and gather up as much info as we can on why those particular dates/years might be significant?

  5. Who knows the dates that correspond to these murders?
    Magda 32016
    Sara 32109
    R.J. 32027
    Mari 32018
    email me–

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