GoPro, the brand specialized in manufacturing small HD cameras for extreme sports -or situations- just released their latest product, the HD Hero 2. For $299, $100 more than its older brother HD Hero, the HD Hero 2 offers a number of upgrades that suddenly makes a GoPro camera a very interesting tool to complete your camera kit.

The camera can shoot at 30, 48, 60 and 120 fps, producing breathtaking slow-mo and  you can see below the features now or still offered in this tiny piece of equipment below. The HD Hero 2 can shoot for 2.5 hours with a 32Gb memory card not included in the GoPro package.

Olivia  from Olivia Tech ran a test comparing the footage of both cameras:

Once its limitations understood and absorbed, I feel the HD Hero 2 could offer new alternatives to shoot sequences in documentaries or specific scenes in narratives. Of course it all depends of the final look of the movie or documentary, but for a great price you can now obtained quality images and sound from unexpected places. Vincent Laforet has a GoPro in his gear and if I remember correctly, they once used it to place it on a factory machine producing chocolate and record as the chocolate was dropping on the camera.

This is what I find interesting with this camera. Thanks to its solidity, its footage quality and its price, you can take more risks and go for angles that we might not have seen while growing up on movies but can now be shown without using special effects or complicated set-ups.

Last but not least, you can watch below the GoPro teaser and fully see its technical possibilities:

[Thanks to Tom Guilmette]

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