Things are getting out of control and incredibly exciting as clues gets harder to decipher for the lambda mortal (such as myself) and treasure hunters get faster at finding the flowers!

And today, not only the puzzled got crazier but The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo also officially went International with Toronto! There’s hope for the rest of the world, keep following the Salandarian game, Salandarians!


As usual, the first flower was posted via Mouth Taped Shut with the word blind tagged beneath it.

Flower - Toronto

Enters Tori VanTimmeren who basically needed 3 seconds to link blind to Braille and realize the upper windows are holding the code. That’s how she found HOLLOW:

And if you were wondering how, she even shared a picture explaining the process:

Pretty amazing.

Once again, the WIHIS page gave coordinates, and it was only a matter of time before the flower was found. The grid is updated, now waiting for the hunters pics and info about the second clue!

Toronto Map


Now, if you think Toronto puzzle was an exciting one, wait for New York. Yesterday, the clue for the Seattle was hidden in a picture in Comes Forth With The Thaw website.

Today Star Nubalo saw a tweet from Nine Inch Nails (?) and found out that they had posted a creepy picture of Harriet in Black an White that you can see above on their website.

The picture was posted with the following comment: Trent Reznor posted: [see picture above] and the post was titled: Drag and Drop.

People first instinct was to drag and drop the picture, on Google, on Yahoo, on iTunes (see comments in forum). Nothing. But when you saved the picture, you could noticed that the name of the file was EANIELG an anagram of LINEAGE. (Of course, pfff, easy.) And the credit goes to Star for this one. (again)

BUT, I have been kindly asked to give extra credit to Nine Inch Nails fans who were on top of it very quickly. If you look at the time comments were posted on the forum, eleven minutes after Reznor posted the picture, n0!s3 said:

Drag and drop on the desktop is an easy way to see the pic name.
At first i thought of an anagram (lineage) but this interpretation might be too semplicistic.

And three minutes after that, dankellish confirmed:

whatishiddeninsnow.com/lineage GOGOGO!!

But, SUPER BUT, it’s actually IcedTuna who gets the ultimate credit with his comment posted 10 minutes after the picture upload:

The image’s name is EANIELG.jpg 
What does it mean? Maybe we have to drag and drop the letters in the name.

Why him? Because H James Lucas, who found the actual flower, thanked him later on the same forum:

Thanks IcedTuna. We’ll never know exactly how many minutes of thinking I would have spent before making this same leap, but you definitely saved me some time. Much appreciated. Sorry if my photos are limited. My phone cam is not good, and the rain kept my Canon inside for the trek.

So yes, triple kuddos to the Nine Inch Nails fans and Golden Kudo to Iced Tune, very well deserved indeed!

On to the credit point, I’m not trying to irritate anyone here, so if someone deserves credit let me know and I’ll simply rectify it. This needs to stay fun and light, fair yes, but fun. I apologize in advance if anyone feels that their discovery has been stolen, just contact me and let’s enjoy the ride.

This time, it was all the way to New York City, where the flower was found once again fast and furiously.

Apparently H James Lucas found the NYC flower and already shared a picture:

Flower NYC

Of course, we want more pictures and info, from him and the Toronto hunter(s)! I will update when they’re out.

In the meantime, how much wider will this get?

[Update thx to Tori (see comment section)] Trent Reznor implication in TGWTDT is far from being limited to scoring the movie. One of their studio picture posted on MTS already lead to discovering Comes Forth in the Thaw website, but now they seem to be actively participating in the treasure hunt via NIN website and twitter account.]

I said it before, but I’ll say it again: it feels good to see fans treated as thinking minds. It feels better to own something thanks to a collective effort and/or your own reactivity than to simply receive a free t-shirt at a corner of a theater.

Sony Picture Classic proves to be respectful of Larsson’s fans and to understand what made them fans in the first place. The treasure hunt is a brilliant idea, challenging us and pushing us and it is the best way to build emulation and increase anticipation.

Whoever you hired to prepare this campaign, hire them again.

Maybe Marvel should start thinking about it before we all vomit on super-heroes movies.

To be continued…

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  1. Nice, nice work.

  2. The Nine Inch Nails implication is Trent Reznor is doing the score with Atticus Ross (same team behind The Social Network).

  3. It isn’t the first time Reznor does things like this:

    • Nice! thanks for the link. Had no idea.

  4. lol trent raznor

    • yeah yeah, I know. You can lol me. :) Corrected that as well.

  5. Some of you may have missed it, but Trent is quite involved in the MTS website. On 10/24/11, MTS posted the wonderful new poster for the movie. One fan had some negative things to say about it. Trent made a personal post to show his feelings about the criticisms: http://mouth-taped-shut.com/post/11889311955#disqus_thread . Lol. Love his style :)

    • Wow, I somehow thought it was just a fan who replied.

  6. Give exact credits please. We users of the nin forum found out it 2 minutes after the post.

    • As long as it’s asked nicely :)

      • Of course it’s asked nicely! I also said please. I knew noone would have noticed it, but it’s not fair to give credits to only one person, while many others may have found the result simultaneously! A good way to act would be to not give credits at all and remove the problem. I dunno! Of course this is not of vital importance and i exagerated a bit on the 2 minutes thing. Should be around 10. Anyways this one was for the tr’s fans, i know it! –cheers

        • No problem, you’re right to letting me know. I cannot keep track of everything but I certainly don’t want to ignore a credit. I think it’s nice to give credit whenever possible though, and I’d rather update than just not mention it.
          Thanks for letting me know.

        • Actually I even had to do an update of the update, turns out it’s IcedTuna early comment that inspired Lucas and allowed him to find the flower.

  7. You don’t have to be sorry.
    The story of our world revolves around the fact that “who did it first” gets all the credit.
    This applies to science as well as to humanities, politics etc.

    I just think it’s better to give credit to everyone who deserves it – in our hearts we know if we deserve it, or if we “copied”.

    Thanks for the attention you give to comments, readers etc. Kudos mate, just don’t feel sorry about that. Noone expects you to know everything that happens on the internet.

    Just wanted to tell you it’s ok!

    -n0!s3 aka noise

  8. As you can see it all happened simultaneously. I just happened to crack the anagram.

    see you

  9. Yes, everyone deserves credit! The times are all basically simultaneous. We were all furiously breaking the code and typing in our comments. The fact that we were all posting literally withing seconds of each other tells the tale! You could not have read someone else’s work then posted 15 seconds later!

  10. Hi All!
    Thanks for all your help with the clue, this is the Toronto hunter checking in! I am still at work… late… since I left during the day to scavenge, but I will post pics + second clue when I get home tonight!

    • Yeah! Thanks for checking in and good luck for work! We’re looking forward to seeing more of the Toronto beast.

  11. “Whoever you hired to prepare this campaign, hire them again.”

    I assume this is all thanks to http://www.42entertainment.com/

    They are responsible for the “Year Zero” campaign posted about earlier, and Batman:The Dark Knight promotions

    • Well if you’re right a) thanks for sharing the info and b) Diamond Kudos to them.

  12. really interesting, BUT…it hurts everytime I read Trent RAZNOR…can you please fix that? thanks in advance

    • @#*$(*$@(*! A 1000 apologies to all Reznor’s fans and the man himself. Thought I had corrected it yesterday but apparently didn’t save it or something.

  13. whoa, Harriet’s Diary FOUND – http://whatishiddeninsnow.com/whiteasbone

  14. …and many more have been found now, even in Paris – 10 flowers and a diary http://whatishiddeninsnow.com/

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