South Park

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the long time best friends who created South Park 14 years ago and more recently the musical The Book of Mormon crashed a NYU Screenwriting class and gave out a piece of advice that narrows down storytelling to one single essential point, keeping it simple and clear in a two-minute video:

Below is the ‘full’ montage made by mtvU, it’s a six minutes video but Parker and Stone really start talking about their career and the way they work at minute 2. The main idea has been isolated in the video above.

[thx to @grking]

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  1. So it’s a matter of buts and therefores…hmm. Great post, I’ll use it to finish my scifi novel which is at a stahl.

    • yes, such a “simple” trick but that frees so much… Good luck on your writing!

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