Oh my, two clues are out there and the rush of adrenaline Mouth Taped Shut gave us in the last hour was pretty intense.

It started with this nicely framed picture of Harriet Vanger and numbers at the bottom of the picture: 6, 15, 21, 14, 04.

Each number simply corresponding to the letter of the alphabet, so 6 = F, 15 = O, 21 = U, 14 = N and 04 = D. You got it, the word was found and revealed that clue number 10 was waiting for us in Cambridge/Boston.

But that’s too easy, right? So while we were getting excited about the Cambridge prospect Mouth Taped Shut went a bit wild and posted back to back and in disorder four pictures showing clocks with different time on it. I will spare you the details of what happened in my poor brain while I was trying to find a code because Sheepdean on the nin.com forum found it in matter of minutes, followed by Star Nubalo on the MTS tumblr, deciphered it fast and quick thanks to a flag semaphore technique.

Here is how: (i’m posting the pictures in the order they were posted on MTS, even though their position was indicated in the tagg section)

And that’s how you get burn, revealing that the second flower of the day is in Mesa, Arizona.

None of the clues have been found yet so I’ll update later on. I was just very excited to share the flag semaphore technique.


I’m back and here are the latest updates about the flowers and everything else that matters. (to me)


Congrats to @djchristensen for finding the flower before everybody else, including mentorless reader Rich Shores who missed the picture, and tell his experience in a great article, just the way it happened to me in Los Angeles. 

Christensen shared a picture of the flower:

He kindly uploaded a picture of the clue #2 (yay) and tweeted me that it was in a tiny envelope with a writer inside saying where to go:

The funny thing is that two days ago he tweeted that he wished a flower would be in Phoenix/Tempe. Good omen I guess.


Kuddos to Byron Galbraith who found the flower #11! Boston was the first clue posted on MTS but the flower is #11 on the Fincher’s signed card. The crazy  thing is that Galbraith was literally one of the latest tweet on the #MOUTHTAPEDSHUT feedstream until MTS uploaded pictures this morning.

 Galbraith and his wife, Karen, generously tweeted bunch of pics, included the second clue (thank you!)
Worth noting, MTS is now twitting when before they used to only upload picture and tweet their links or retweet followees:


The grid is filling up quick this week. I don’t have much to add since yesterday but the new information appearing now:


So we reached 5 clues in two days, will there be a surprising surprise tomorrow or are we done for another long weekend?

To be continued…


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  1. Star Nubalo shouldn’t get ALL the credit if you review the nin.com thread and twitter timeline.

    • As I mentioned in a previous article, if you feel I ‘stole’ credit attribution to someone, feel free to contact me with links and I’ll be happy to add names.

      • No, I haven’t read comments on other articles. I just started following you on Twitter and came directly to this post. I’m not saying you “stole” anything…but since I monitor both nin.com and twitter, I saw how this discoveries played out.

        nin.com member Sheepdean was the first person to mention the way to figure out the AZ location. He was incredibly fast.

        • Thanks for the info! just updated the article. :)

  2. I’m so bummed about the cambridge one! I have been following obsessively (tweets to the phone via texts) and I live an hour outside boston so i dropped everything and started driving hoping no one would beat me and refreshing http://www.whatishiddeninsnow.com/found on my iphone and about 20 minutes from the location i refreshed is and saw FOUND. biggest bummer ever…

    • yeah, I have family in Taunton and I was trying to get one of them to drive up to find it. Oh well.

  3. Hey props to Sheepdean at nin.com who posted the solution before I did! I’m sure other people on other boards solved it independently as well. Hi5’s all around!

  4. Dammit, I left a class early to race to Mesa from across the city. I think I was there about 45 minutes after the address was posted. That guy must have been there really quick because I saw nothing. If djchristensen reads this, where exactly was the clue? I checked the statue and all around the nightclub where the exact coordinates were. I only saw one other person that seemed to be looking because saw her get on her hands and knees to check under the statue.

    • The clue was in a small manilla envelope in the saw horse the statue was sitting on.

  5. So close, but yet so far. Thanks for the shout by the way. That was sure fun.

  6. This site contains audio files from the upcoming film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by David Fincher, soundtrack by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross:


    The audio files were found in the website http://www.comesforthinthethaw.com

  7. the first movie was wonderful. Especially the girl was a perfect player.

    Second movie was also perfect, Lisbeth was not as psycho as she was in the previous version… But still was good…

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