During an interview for Nowness before his latest movie, A Dangerous Method, hits the theaters on November 23rd, director David Cronenberg explained how he choses his movies and how he then works on it with his actors. Each director has a different way of working and Cronenberg’s is one I have never come across before:

I am on the set in the morning with the actors, I don’t have anybody else there, it’s just me and the actors. We work out the way the scene will work in the room, who says what line where, and then I call the crew in and we perform that scene for the whole crew. 

Michael Fassbender who plays Jung in Cronenberg’s movie and whose latest performance in Steve McQueen‘s Shame has achieved to place him in the group of solid and complex actors, explains how he like to prepare his roles:

I tend to do a lot of rehearsal, at home, myself. That’s the bulk of my work, I would read the script 250 times, that’s just what I do. So when I arrive the first day of shooting I know all the scenes of my heart so I can do any scenes in the movie from day one. 

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