H James Lucas, the happy hunter from New-York, graciously emailed me beautiful pictures of his prize (and clue number two!) ten days ago but somehow I missed his email until yesterday. I was so sure that today was going to be a big day that I wasn’t planning to post them until the next break period, but once again facts proved me wrong.

It is with delay but joy that I can now share Lucas pictures with you as well as a small text he wrote explaining how he found the flower:

The manila envelope containing the razor-blade wrapper with the address was in the hole in the wall pictured on the site. It was in the front face of the pottery studio that many people identified on Google maps, easily recognizable in person, although a bit lower than I expected. The address given was a tattoo parlor which I think must be new because it is not yet in Google Streetview. The guys working there were very nice but didn’t have much information other than it had been dropped off soon before I came in.
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