Artist and humanist Moby has launched the website mobygratis, apparently as early as 2007, a site where students and independent and non-profit filmmakers can download and use some of his music for free. (If the film of video is commercially used, then a license needs to be used and the profit generated is distributed to the humane society.)

I had never heard of this site before and only did because of a tweet from the Man himself sharing an article from the Times Entertainment.

As talked about before here, music and sound are one key component in the making of a film or video, but the headaches that come with the music use legal aspect is often discouraging, especially when the video is made for non-profit.

This is a win-win situation for the artist, who sees his/her music spread out and tracks that probably  didn’t make the cut for an album or are experiments having a second life, and for the filmmakers and producers who can find good and original content and legally use it.

Music and musicians have proven to be very innovative in their approach of the business and hopefully more initiatives like that will see light, giving more visibility and creative freedom to both parties.

To visit the Mobygratis video channel and see some of the videos made so far (and uploaded on Vimeo) with the music click here.


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As Brainpicking says so well, donating = loving.

I spend around 30h per week working on to find articles that will interest all of us, write the newsletter and maintain the site (that would need much more of my time to improve, I agree). A lot of us can’t donate, but if you can, and feel this website deserves your help, any amount will make a difference.

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