A new testimony to close the usual quiet weekend, this time we go back in time to discover how Flower #9, the ‘French’ one, was found by an American tandem. (I am now wondering if the London prize was won by an English citizen…) Enjoy:

I suppose that my story is different from the other great ones because it was a joint international effort. I caught wind of this game after the first clue, and started having @mouthtapedshut tweets sent to my phone, hoping that a clue would pop up in my city. I told my sister about the game and she told me she wanted me to let her know if one ever showed up in Paris. I initially doubted that it would happen, but changed my mind after prizes showed up in Canada and England.

My sister was still at school and we were chatting online when the Paris clue came in. Once I solved it and plugged the location into Google maps, I discovered that it was a street in Paris. I quickly messaged my sister, thinking who knows, maybe it’s near her, and she replied, “That’s on my way home, but I’m waiting for my computer to be fixed.” My next and last message was “GO NOW!”

From here, my sister says she grabbed her computer and started running for the metro, pushing slow moving Parisians out of the way. She says she thought that it would require a mad dash to get there before anyone else, so she was less than polite in her commute. She quickly exited the metro and meandered around until she found the bench in front of Neo Café. She stood and stared at the bench, then circled around looking for any kind of clue. I had told her there would be some kind of envelope, but I didn’t know the size or look of it. She says she sat on the bench and felt around choice parts of the underside, but to no avail.

At this point, I was walking home from class when I received an international call from her. We sort of excitedly argued about where the clue would be hidden, what it would look like, and whether she had the right spot. All the while a slow disappointment that we had missed out gnawed at our brains. After we both gave up she hung up and decided to head home. As she made her way down the steps, my sister tells me she could not believe that she had missed it, so she ran back for one more sweep. This time, despite the conspicuous stares of passersby, she did a much more thorough sweep of the underside and found the second clue.

Not knowing what it meant, but that it sounded familiar, she called me again. A quick Google search revealed an old café around the corner (this displays my complete lack of culture, as it is an ancient and famous restaurant). I did my best to direct my sister around the corner over the phone. She recognized the café from a previous visit, peeked inside, and discovered the final package. From here, I could hear her talking to the man who hid the clues and took her picture (he also apparently had been in Café Neo watching her walk around the bench and yell at me over the phone). She told him she was going to give the prize to me, and he replied, “You might not want to do that when you see what it is.”

I get a kick out of imagining my sister riding the metro home holding a big envelope addressed to Henrik Vanger. I also apologize for snatching the flower from a native Parisian. 


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