Clues #20 and #21, that turned out to be two flowers found in Providence and Salt Lake City, were posted at unusual hours today.


Monday started early on, at 9h10 am PST to be precise, with the above picture. About nine minutes after, I received a tweet from @pockster with the city the flower was to be found: Providence.

So how did we go from this picture to Providence?

The trick was to isolate the letter that had an umlaut on them and that were not corresponding to any letter of the Swedish alphabet. Like pockster, we could have all know that the Swedish alphabet only have three letters with an umlaut  (the Wikipedia article says that ‘umlaut’ is not the adequate word but is the only one offered in English. Hence the italic), and these letters are: ⟨å⟩, ⟨ä⟩ and ⟨ö⟩.

So here are the letters to isolate in the picture:

and one place correctly you would obtain:

D- E – O – K – S – F – I – E – L – M – L



revealing that Providence was the final destination.


Tradition demands (yes, sir) that when several clues are to be posted, they are revealed at an interval of 30 minutes or less. But today, for four long hours nothing happened, until the tweet that changed everything:

Finding what cipher it was turned out to be trickier than usual but @bshumaker came to the rescue and enlightened us. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Baconian Cipher, a cipher created by Francis Bacon and that is not really a cipher but ‘a method of stenography‘. (All the things we can learn thanks to Wikipedia…)

Following the Baconian alphabet:

you would discover that the two words hidden in MTS tweet were: family tree. The coordinates on the What Is Hidden In Snow page then showed that Salt Lake City was in.

The Providence flower was claimed by @dfarkins. [UPDATE] As you’ll see from the comments below, I made a mistake and attributed the prize to the helper instead of the winner, @ladyandria, whose tale can be read here. The Salt Lake City flower was claimed by  @kenneth_larson. For the Christmas touch, it seems like Larson heard about the flower thanks to @Kierkegaardi/ Plato who recalled she had talked to someone from Utah before, tracked him down, and sent him tweets to warn him the flower was right around the corner:

You can trace back the whole process in the MTS comments section.

Kudos to the Happy Hunters and a special thanks to Kierkegaardi for proving my point with class.

To Be Continued…

** If you want to read a recap of everything written about TGWTDT marketing campaign, click here**

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  1. Actually, I @ladyandria, claimed the Providence one, with help from @dfarkins :)

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