With another set of good clues and a German fear, the 13th Hunting day wasn’t stress free:


Eleven days after the last International Flower had left us with a Blockbuster taste in the mouth, the German Sequel proved  to be trickier, with an intricate journey to the flower.

It all started when  I received a message from @Star_Nubalo at 9h05 am PST saying ‘CFITT is broken right now, so something may be up…

Star, joined by @Victori127 shortly after, started to look into the weird letters appearing on the top of CFITT second windows:

Turns out it was an ascii code, as American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and the signs corresponded to numbers(I’m quoting the aforementioned sources here, I had to look into 10 websites to find an ascii code chart going until the number 255):

ú = 250

º = 186

Î = 206

® = 174

But after that first code was broken, impossible to move forward and nobody on the twittersphere was officially talking about it until 10h35 am PST, when Mouth Taped Shut twitted:

Things took off quickly, ten minutes later @conigs came up with the solution and found out the word was: fabaceae. @antovolk checked the coordinates from the WIHIS page and discovered the city was Berlin.

There was apparently two ways to go from 250 186 206 174 to fabaceae and @conigs revealed them both:

Complicated stuff. But if you look at this ascii code website, (courtesy of @victory127) you’ll see that next to the numbers, there were the letters equivalent. A much easier way to find the word, once you knew what you were looking for, of course.

We were all relieved and waiting for a German Flaneur to take on the challenge and find Henrik’s flower but apparently, when it’s 11am in a sunny and warm Los Angeles in November, it’s 8pm in a dark and cold Berlin. That might have been a dissuasive factor for many, but not for @nefetroci (tipped of by @guiltyx tweet if I’m not mistaken) who reached the place indicated on the picture one hour later (so 9pm Berlin time…):

For a long time, helped by a solid virtual TGWTDT support group, @nefertroci tried to find out where the envelope was hidden.

Now, if you look up at the first picture, you’ll see that the photo of the place doesn’t give much away, besides a confirmation that there’s street lights in case it’s dark (what a relief). Compared to the Philadelphia picture  that showed exactly the spot where the envelope was hidden, Berlin Hunters had a slight disadvantage.

Not for long though, since 20 minutes later @dfarkins noticed that the word bench had suddenly appeared under the picture:

But by then, @nefertroci‘s phone had died, she and @mr_laguna had apparently checked every spot they could think of before hypothermia kicked in, and they had decided to live the place.

Had the phone battery be more effective and had they stay a bit longer, they would have received a detailed map from @dfarkins showing exactly on which bench the flower was:

So no Hunters but a location: that wasn’t very convenient.

But fear no more, the suspense stops here and the story ends well as the flower was found! I just don’t know by who and I don’t seem to find the answer on my hectic #mouthtapedshut timeline.

Didn’t it feel like a long Jack-London-like-minus-the-wolves-journey?

I agree.

Now to a faster hunt:


While all the German drama was going on, MTS didn’t lose its cool and uploaded a new picture at 12h05 pm PST:

See that suspicious book to the right? See that even more suspicious last line? That’s where the word was hidden. From the comments on MTS, it seems like Robb Miller found the solution and Donny explained the equation to us, poor mortals:

In practice, you would get this:

And all this revealed that the next location was Atlanta:

As you can see, the picture is much more precise than the Berlin one. The coordinates were showing the Flying Biscuit Cafe,

and it turns out the clue was right there:

And yes, @dag_kurt is the Atlanta Happy Hunter and if you go on his timeline, you’ll get to see many pictures of the prize and a recount of what happened.

I’ll just point out something I found amusing (probably only because I’m obsessed with Time): we all thought the Atlanta flower would be claimed quickly, but the first half an hour was actually very quiet. So quiet in fact that @star_nubalo sent:

This apparently alerted @dag_kurt who replied shortly:

But Star never got to answer back:

Eleven minutes, that’s all it took to @dag_kurt to go from realizing the flower was still to be found to actually finding it. Isn’t that a smooth hunt?

Sorry for the lengthy report but we did have two opposite experiences that deserved a bit of our time. Kudos to the Happy Hunters and the TGWTDT support group for their dedication.

To Be Continued…

** If you want to read a recap of everything written about TGWTDT marketing campaign, click here**

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  1. I just found your report on yesterday’s hunt. Great! You have reconstructed the whole picture with just a couple of tweets.
    I only want to add a couple of details:
    -First, the street lights were on the other side of the bushes, so the hugely long bench was in the shadows.
    -Second, an hour or so after we arrived another guy turned up and started searching the bench. He was not feeling very talkative, so we soon parted ways; I guess it’s him who found the flower.

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