Tom Jenkins, half the brain behind The Theory, a UK-based production company specialized in HDSLR shoot, developed a personal project he really wanted to shoot on the side of the commercials and other official content The Theory was producing for clients.

He decided to do a stop-animation in his office, at night, and  based on the Google Street Images. The result is a less than 3 minute animation that already gathered more than a million hits in 6 days.

Address is Approximate Making of

Jenkins shot by himself during six nights, with a Canon 5D Mark II and using the Dragonframe Stop Motion software and customised slider. (You can see the slider and the controller next to the camera.) It took him another month to complete post-production, mostly because this was a side project.

Credited as producer, animator, filmmaker, cinematographer, editor & colorist, Jenkins did it all by himself for the thrill of developing and creating a personal idea but also because The Theory is a company with a unique philosophy. Jenkins and his partner, Simon Sharp, live by the idea that to progress and stay on top of your art/craft, you need to work and have fun doing it:

Between projects we stay creative by making films, producing test commercials, basically by doing. 

( Watch The practice behind the Theory video for more about that.)

Another example of how working on something for personal reasons is not only more fulfilling than just following what you’ve been told or advised to do, but also will more likely get you attention from others as it will more likely be truly unique.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very nicely done. :)

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