If you have been writing for a while you probably know how hard it can be to have your material read by someone who is not only looking for a new project but who also has the leverage to make it happen before 2054 (and pay you in the process).

Well, today I have some good news for you, Vincent Laforet, whose name you have seen several times before on mentorless and all over the Internet, the man who triggered the DSLR revolution with his short movie Reverie back in 2008 (feels like three lives ago) and is now in the leading pack of cinematographers testing new cameras and breaking new grounds (cf latest short, Mobius shot on the Canon EOS C300) is looking for projects.

And for once, there’s no trick. This is not a popularity contest but simply what I just said, see below:

As of yesterday, executives at two major studios, a few key senior creatives at a two large agencies have expressed interest in doing a variety of projects – all the way up to feature films.

I am obviously incredibly excited with those prospects – but the one key ingredient that I am always on the lookout for is a great screenplay or idea.

And it doesn’t stop here. Laforet is looking for different type of projects, and is even open to get pitched a good idea that needs a writer:

Here are the three types of content that I am looking for:

  • 1    _30-60 second spots.   Companies are regularly coming to me to do promotional videos for them – including ad agencies.   These are all too often last minute – and rarely allow for the development of a good script.  Having a few at the ready is a good thing.
  • 2.     _Short films – no longer than 20 minutes in length.
  • 3.    _Long form narrative films.

Basically, the idea is to find either established, or undiscovered talent out there who’d like to see their work on a screen (on a TV, a computer monitor or on the silver screen) through the power of crowdsourcing on the web.

I know there are a lot of talented people out there who have great ideas/scripts that would love to work with a group of talented filmmakers and actors out there.

Read more about the conditions and Laforet’s influences here.

This is some serious opportunity here, one of the few where a writer from a remote village somewhere on the top of a mountain and one with view on the Hollywood Sign and three agents have the same chance to see their work noticed. Oh, and one last thing: there is no time limit.

I think it’s very excited, I hope you do too!

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  1. Hi my name is Mario, I’m from Brazil, and I think that I have great ideas for movies, all based on a true story, peoples life’s, the most incredible love story ever , dogs adventure for kids, true story, true friends , about crack addiction, with my family , immigrations problems and jail time for love, my mom life story, it’s a movie for sure!!!
    What I need is someone with knologe in Portuguese and script writing , and movies to help me out!!!
    My English is very bad, but we can make people think with my stories and change people’s life’s !!!
    Waiting for you guys, thanks!!!!

    • Hi Mario!

      Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. I would recommend you to try get in touch with screenwriters by going to forums, groups and websites solely tailored for them or made by them, you might find a bigger community there.

      Good luck with your projects!


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