After yesterday’s rush of adrenaline in Los Angeles, I kind of went through today’s hunt without realizing too much what was happening, even though it was a busy day with two more flowers out, including an International one.

Here is the recap:


Good news is, MTS hunt just expanded going all the way to South America with a flower in São Paulo. But that also meant that the clue was sent and the flower found way before I got to catch up with the hunt so there’s a bit of shortage in terms of visuals.

MTS tweeted at 6h15 am:

It was another ascii code

that revealed the stinging trees. 

If you type these words on google, the first result is a link to Dendrocnide moroides, and /dendrocnidemoroides were the words unlocking the WIHIS page, revealing that the destination was São Paulo:

Now for the funny fact, dendrocnide moroides is a large shrub native to rainforest areas in northeastern Australia (says Wikipedia). If I was Australian, I would have been frustrated by the mislead.

The Brazilian flower was claimed within the first hour by Roger C. Rocha

and turned out to be the Flower #24 we’ve been wondering about. (My guess is that the watcher got a problem and the Brazilian hunt got postponed. Although I do hope that when all will be revealed we’ll find out the truth is much more complicated and exciting, and possibly involving tigers and helicopters.)

Here is the pic attached to the above tweet:

You can see more pics on Rocha’s personal blog here.


California is in for a treat as the second clue was nowhere else but in San Diego, the city where it all started and that missed the (forever lost?) first flower!

At 10h38am PST, four hours after the Brazilian hunt, MTS uploaded the pic all the way above in the article. Although it resembled a lot like the Minneapolis clue, no morse code was involved this time.

Instead, you had to focus on this part of the picture:

Taking ‘S’ as a starting point, you had to go backward 11 letters in the alphabet, then 7 letters, then forward 17 letters etc.

This little gymnastic revealed that the word was:

and the city San Diego:

(and just to be sure they’d find it and avoid the Berlin issuebench was again an extra given clue!)

Now, I think we pretty much all assumed that this was just the flower #1 that was put on the hunt market again, but it turned out that the San Diego flower is listed as #26 on the grid and the #1 spot remains empty. Another oddity in this hunt that might or might not have a logical explanation.

In any case, it is surprising that in the last two days, two cities in the same State got a repeat when other cities (and countries) are hoping to get a shot at scoring a prize. Speaking of living in the right spot…

The San Diego flower was not lost this time, and @JeffJHunter  claimed the prize. (An appropriate name for a San Diego resident who opened his twitter account the day after flower #1 was lost…)

Kudos to both Happy Hunters for scoring a prize and joining the Salandarian Padawans Club!

The grids will be updated and uploaded with the next report.


Some of you have noticed already that @star_nubalo tweeted few days ago:

I retweeted it because I think it’s a great idea. If the flower is going to be lost’ for the purpose of the hunt, I’d love to see its appeal used for a good cause. If you agree with that, go on and retweet Star’s tweet and let’s see if our little community has any kind of power. ;)

To Be Continued…

**To read a recap of everything written about TGWTDT marketing campaign, click here**

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  1. I also re-tweeted right after @star_nubalo! Re-tweet, re-tweet!!

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