To wrap up this intense hunting week that saw a total of 8 flowers and 1 big prize sent out over fours days, I’m glad to share with you two of our Happy Hunters testimonies and their pictures. As always they bring their fair share of new information!

In chronological order please enjoy Paul‘s Milwaukee story and Natalie’s Tampa‘s story:


Since Mouth Taped Shut turned into a scavenger hunt, I looked on with passing interest. I would check here and there. It was fun to see where flowers turned up. Occasionally I would try to solve a clue, but I never tried too seriously. That all changed with the Berlin flower. For some reason, I really wanted to solve that clue. I thought “it would be great if this one was Milwaukee!

Even though it wasn’t, it had me hooked.

Since then, I would check every day I could. I hadn’t solved any more puzzled, but I was having fun. Today’s puzzle was a difficult one. So much so that MTS posted another clue in the comments. Eventually, someone simply posted “Milwaukee” in the comments, and my heard started racing.Then he edited the comment with the coordinates, and it was about 4 blocks from me. But I wasn’t ready to head over there until I saw the WIHIS page with my own eyes. Moments later, he posted the link.
I grabbed my bike helmet and jacked, unlocked my bike and tore off towards O’Donnel Park. I knew exactly where that picture was taken.
Once there, it took me a few moments to find the second clue. I searched all around the stairwell, but didn’t find anything. I even went down to the bottom of the stairs, and back up, but came up empty handed. I re-checked the WIHIS page on my phone and saw “window” underneath the picture. I’m not sure if that was always there of if they were watching me. Either way, it was only another minute until I found the note taped to the edge of a window down one flight of stairs.


The note directed me to Buckley’s three more blocks away. I was back on my bike and on my way. I walked in and asked the bar tenders for one red dragon (per the notes instructions) and he reached behind the bar to hand me picture #27.
We actually talked for a while about Mouth Taped Shut and the events leading up to that moment. They had no idea what was even in the package. No sooner had we opened the package together and the Mouth Taped Shut liaison was there to grab a picture.



My good friend @pockster has been following this game since the beginning (and because of her, so have I and some of our other friends). She even sent one of our London mates to get the diary and hopefully one day we’ll get him to upload a picture.

When the flower showed up in Orlando, I got pretty excited since it wasn’t too far from here, but still too far for me to even try. I figured that would be it for Florida, but since some cities have had more than one treasure, I still made a deal with @pockster that she’d DM me if one showed up in Tampa.

Yesterday at 3:55 I got the tweet “30112” but had to go to a meeting at work, so I couldn’t even look at MTS to see if anyone had figured out what it was. At 4:05 I got the message from her: “Tampa.” At first I couldn’t believe it and then I started freaking out looking at my phone saying “It’s in Tampa!!” My boss had no idea what I was talking about, but asked if I wanted to go, so of course I said yes and ran out the door. Everyone in that meeting thought I was crazy, but that’s nothing new.

I didn’t even get a chance to look at the page with the picture, but @pockster sent me a message with the address and a description of the statue, which I knew well (Ybor is a very small area in Tampa), so I knew exactly where I was going. I put the GTI to good use and got to Ybor in 20 minutes, parked the car (legally), ran down the street and at first didn’t see anything taped to the statue. I thought for sure someone else already got it, but then I looked down and the little envelope was stuck between the statue’s leg and the wall. WHOAAAA YAY!

The flower was in the bar across the street. Guy wasn’t there to take my picture, but a nice lady was there instead. She was happy for me and I was just shocked that I actually got it. Of course I’ve wanted one since the game started, but never thought they’d actually send one to Tampa. I opened it and found an ugly pressed flower, but @pockster told me it’s poisonous, so I thought that was pretty cool. Nice lady took my picture and I got back to work just in time to go home. Seems much easier than a lot of other hunters’ experiences.

So @pockster deserves all the credit, I was just another one of her robots. And since she lives far away from me, I’m keeping it.

I can’t wait to see this movie, it’s going to be amazing. Thanks to everyone playing and all who have cracked the codes. Special thanks to @pockster, of course.

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