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I have been hesitant to start writing this post because… well yes, because this is the End, my precious friends, and I wasn’t expecting it to end that ‘early’.

Fortunately, the last official day of the hunt was so crazy that one single report won’t do, so I have decided to break this in at least two -maybe three- posts, and hopefully this idea will please you.

For today, I’ll go through the ‘last’ five hunts:


Fridays haven’t been the busiest days of the week, hunts-wise, Mouth Taped Shut posted a clue-less picture around 9am, and after a week of having clues dropped as early as 7h30am, I was no longer expecting anything to happen when the first clue came out at 10h02 am PST:

It might be hard to tell from this picture, but the part that mattered was here:

and to be more specific, the upper part, where you see ‘age-‘ written. Happy Hunter/Happy Helper @bgalbraith cracked this one:

And Vancouver it was.

If you’re wondering why ageless here is the explanation:

Kudos to @octobermidnight who found flower #38 and who wrote a report that you can read here.


An hour later, at 11h12am PST to be precise, MTS tweeted:

I think I was just finishing reading the tweet when @0bFuSc8 tweeted at 11h14am:

So, that was fast. To get detached you had to pick the first letter of the first word, the second letter of the second word, the third letter of the third word and so on. I realize I have absolutely no idea who found the flower #39, so instead I’ll put the WIHIS picture (yay):


11h35am PST, a new picture is uploaded on MTS:

I was sure I had seen this picture before on MTS tumblr, but I don’t seem to find it again. Anyway, this is the part of the picture that contained the solution:

Plajh you said?

Ha, ok. And I believe we owe /help to @SteveFoga who also only needed 4 minutes to figure that out. What Is Hidden In Snow revealed that the St Louis was in for one of the two ‘big prizes’ left:

A complementary comment for your consideration:

Once again, I have no clue who found St. Louis and that’s a pity because the hunt was slow and I’d love to know what happened. The prize was Blomkvist’s Expose that you can actually download by clicking on the picture below:


The second big (and last) prize came out half an hour later, at 12h05 PST, via twitter:

For some reason I enjoyed this one’s solution:

(Actually I did it the other way around: a zig-zag starting from O then PP down, then O up etc). The cool thing is that opposites wasn’t the clue, but the letters left aside were forming:

(and for those who wonder, @ameliasims posted the answer 6 minutes after MTS tweet. Tsss, slow helper…)

For those who haven’t followed the treasure hunt from the beginning, you might not know that one of the happy helper, @christinmapo has been hoping and begging for en El Paso clue for as long as I can remember seeing her tweets. So when El Paso came out, we all started tweeting her like crazy.

And it worked out since she did go for the hunt along with @the7Visionary and won the prize, the Millennium Magazine. You can also download it by clicking on the picture below:

So it was 12h53pm PST, and we were left with the 40th flower to find out…


In another surprising move, MTS had kept a flower for the last hunt and more than an hour passed before the (almost) last clue was uploaded:

If you wanted to solve the puzzle your eyes should have gone right in the middle of the picture, here:

recognized it was a morse code again, and that word was:

Kudos to @mauvepinkred who needed 120 seconds to find the solution (we almost waited to be honest) and helped us find out that the last city was Chicago! I don’t know who won this one either (very quiet Happy Hunters for the last day) but here is the look at flower #40:

Kudos to all the winners now (proudly I’m sure) Salandarian Padawans!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how This Is The End [Part 1] concludes.

To Be Continued…

**To read a recap of everything written about TGWTDT marketing campaign, click here**

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  1. I had my entire office in on the hunt. We tried /estrangedopposites, /oppositesestranged and had started to wonder if we should be looking for the opposite OF estranged when we figured out /estranged worked.

    • this is so cool, I want to work at your office!

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