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This is the End [Part 2] won’t be out until tomorrow and til then, you can enjoy another Texas story with Jeff’s hunt for the second Austin flower during the last day:

AUSTIN – Flower #2

I’ve been following the saga of Mouth Taped Shut and What is Hidden in Snow since the first week. I anxiously awaited the drop of an Austin flower early on. Unfortunately, when the first one hit, I wasn’t able to make it. I work on the University of Texas at Austin campus and bus to work. I tried desperately to get a Car2Go or even a cab to get over there, but couldn’t make it happen. I did have a friend drop everything she was doing at work and go, but she was too late. In fact, she’s mentioned in MacGregor’s story as the person who pulled up and asked if the package was found. It was pretty sad, but at least we tried.

At this point, I had pretty much given up on the hope of finding a flower, never expecting Austin to get two. My only real hope was that San Antonio would get one and I’d send my parents to run and pick it up. However, I got really lucky and I’m happy I continued to follow the game.
I kept on my text alerts from @mouthtapedshut and followed @star_nubalo and others on twitter. So, on Friday afternoon after lunch I hung up from a phone call and looked over to the twitter app on my Mac. I scrolled through the updates and saw the solved tweet from @star_nubalo pointing to Austin and Burnet road. My heart stated pounding, it was 9 minutes after the tweet was sent out and I thought I’d be too late. Luckily, I had actually driven to campus that day since I was heading to Dallas to spend the weekend with my boyfriend immediately after work.  I’m also very familiar with Burnet road since I live in that area. After pasting the GPS coordinates into Google Maps and seeing Hey Cupcake! right near the pin, I immediately knew it would be there. Then I took another look at the picture posted on WIHIS and matched the distinctive, “Neapolitan” paint colors on the building to the image. I knew exactly where to go! I stood up to leave the office when the UPS guy came into my office to deliver a package. I hastily signed the pad and basically followed him out of the building. He joked, “You coming on the rest of my route with me?” I laughed and said, “No just gotta take care of something quickly.” I didn’t care if I had just vanished from work without any explanation, I was gonna get this package!
I hurried the few blocks walk from the Gebauer building to the San Antonio parking garage, walking as fast as I could in my Clark’s boots, which aren’t really conducive to running. I made it to the busy crosswalk at Guadalupe and decided I didn’t have time to wait, this was the time I had to jay walk. If I was gonna find this, I wasn’t gonna hesitate. I needed to do everything I could to get there the quickly. I ran across the street during a break in turn only traffic and ran the final block to my car. The drive is about 9 minutes north. I made my way, weaving in between traffic and seemingly hitting every stoplight on the way, nervously cursing for them to change.
When I finally made it onto Burnet, I floored it and went about 55 MPH in a 35. I wasn’t hesitating a bit! As I got closer to Hey Cupcake! I realized there was some construction on the road ahead and traffic began to slow. I was maybe a block or so away. There wasn’t any south bound traffic at the moment, so I made a decision to get in the south bound lanes and drive north. I ended up stopping the car and parking in empty lot of a former plumbing store, right next to cupcake place. I got my keys and ran out of the car, I could see the tables on the side of the building that were in the picture. There were two guys there eating lunch, one of them on his MacBook Pro and another older man just hanging out. I asked them if anyone had been there searching for anything and they both said no. I began to look around under the tables. The younger guy told me to look at the other table where the old man was sitting (I guess maybe he saw the clue being dropped off?) so I glanced under and didn’t see anything. I took another look and saw the small manila envelope taped to the railing of the seat. I was in shock and disbelief that I’d actually found a clue, it was pretty much my prize, all I had to do was go pick it up. The clue directed me to go to the Light Bulb Shop about half a mile up Burnet, a minute or so drive. I knew where this was, but asked the guys eating lunch there out of nerves. The older guys asked what this was about and I just said “It’s for a movie, kinda complicated to explain” and ran back to my car.
I got in the car and drove up the road to the Light Bulb Shop. It was quite busy, so I got in line and waited patiently. I made it up to the counter after a few minutes and asked for the package for Vanger. The guy I asked gave me a blank look and the woman next to him immediately looked at me and smiled. The main said, “Who?” and I said, “The package for Henrik Vanger.” Then, from below the counter he pulled out the wrapped flower and said “Congratulations.” I walked out of the shop and a guy who appeared to be the handler for this drop followed me out (I saw him pull into the parking lot after me earlier). I was so elated that I had won and especially on the last day! It was a really awesome experience to be a part of!
I definitely want to thank the #mouthtapedshut community for the help in solving the clues and tweeting them out to us lucky enough to be able to go and get them. Even though I had to wait until the last day, I loved looking over the clues and the solutions you guys provided. It was a very fun game and I can’t wait to see the movie tonight! I’m also thankful for my friends who helped me out either searching for the first flower, listening to me constantly talking about the game, or helping me get tickets to tonight’s sneak preview since I was in Dallas during the Saturday and Sunday pick up windows. I’m sad this is coming to an end but it was a really cool experience for all of us, I hope you guys enjoy the movie!

** If you want to review the Treasure Hunt from the start, you can click here.**

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