If you work as a freelance and/or artist, this should be of interest to you.

Right in the line with the on-going ‘creativity’ theme I have fueled you with these last weeks, Chase Jarvis, that you might already know from this article or that one, just announced that he will receive tomorrow Ramit Sethi, the #1 New York Time and Amazon best-selling author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” (European readers, try to move beyond the title, this is how it sells here.)

Tomorrow at 11am PST (or 8PM in France) you can watch a live a conversation about The Business of Creativity that will tackle promising subjects such as:

  • Specific techniques to negotiate with your clients
  • Concrete strategies to help you earn more money per job, shoot, photo, etc
  • How to –in very specific terms– illustrate the value of your creative work to your clients
  • When to work for free (or cheap) and when NOT to
  • How these principles can guide so many other parts of your life
I believe there’s never enough advice you can get when it come to dealing with the business of being creative, and because of where he is coming from and who he is, Jarvis is probably the best ‘moderator’ for that subject.
To read more about tomorrow’s event, click here.
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