French lead creative Matthieu Cuvelier and English creative, designer and filmmaker Tom Wrigglesworth directed, shot and edited the five minute short movie La Mer des Pianos (The Sea of Pianos), following Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano repair shop in Paris.

Uploaded four days ago on Vimeo, the movie has already had 30 000+ hits and will likely keep growing as Marc’s story is captivating and the universe he evolves in ideal for cinematic shots:

One of the digital revolution’s perks is the freedom it gave to shoot diverse short documentaries of high quality.

When you think about it, this short is only twice the time of a traditional trailer and in this short amount of time, Wrigglesworth and Cuvelier take us to a specific world, likely unknown from many, and introduce us to a man’s life.

I didn’t feel like I needed to watch another 90 minutes about this story, and even though I am sure there is much more to say, this 5 minute video is enough for me to have learned and traveled in a satisfying way.

It often feels like real life surpasses fiction and with the new and cheaper equipment available, the temptation to shoot documentaries about everything and anything is strong (and seducing many). But  in the last two years I have seen many documentaries getting stuck in editing rooms for a lack of storyline, and if DSLR’s make it easier to shoot, they also make it easier to shoot too much and get lost in a subject that might not need a feature length to be evoked.

How many stories can be tell in five minutes and become well-balanced and effective documentaries? Many more, I am sure.

On a side not, if you liked La Mer des Pianos I strongly recommend Note By Note (The Making of Steinway L1037) a beautiful -feature length- documentary about fabrication of  a Steinway L1037. And if you have downloaded or bought Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul, Jon Reiss conducted a very interesting interview with director/producer Ben Niles regarding its distribution and life in the festivals circuit.

[via The Viral Factory]

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