Just like buying All Stars or wearing a bang, Procrastinating has regained popularity in the recent years.

I have never heard a concept that many times during casual conversations, up to a point that I swore I would unfollow any person on my Facebook putting ‘procrastinating’ as a falsely dramatic status update (I calmed down).

I am partly convinced that we use it because it sounds ‘smart’, like ‘I’m not doing anything but I could if I would because look, I know the word procrastination so obviously, I have a mountain of hidden and sophisticated treasures in me.’ It almost feels like it is so cool to admit we are procrastinating that we shouldn’t even try not to.

But there is one thing I have to give to this word though, is that it has inspired many people to get out of their procrastinating mode in order to talk about it in a creative way. (yes, this gets meta)

Thanks to @jesusgachez, I watched Johnny Kelly‘s 2007 Graduation film from the Royal College of Art video Procrastination. Kelly‘s name might feel familiar because of this hit video I wrote about few months back. I enjoyed the contradiction and irony of his four-minute animated video, filled with creativity and energy to talk about… procrastination, of course, and felt inspired by it.

The reason why I chose to share it today is because today is Sunday.

To me that doesn’t mean much, because it’s been years that my schedule doesn’t follow a Monday to Friday pattern, every day can potentially be a Monday or a Sunday, that’s very much up to me. But I realized that for many people, this is one of the few days in the year where they could be and could do something different, like actively expressing themselves.

So if today is Sunday for you, don’t let this day pass until it’s time to go to bed again and you wished you hadn’t procrastinating that much. Don’t spend the week longing for the moment you will have time to do what you really want to do. Unleash the beast right now and live your free time to the fullest.

Heck, do a video about procrastinating if you have to. (There actually should be a Festival about that.)

Just do.

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