Since my first evocation of a transmedia experience on mentorless (and the mixed feelings attached to it) I have had the chance to read more about it, to experience one from A to Z, and to appreciate the endless possibilities this medium offer to tell stories in fresh and compelling ways.

I am now determined to understand better these possibilities and catch up with what seems to already be a vast amount of data, experience and knowledge accumulated in a short decade. Attending DIY DAYS LA was one of the action I took and its ripples effects have only been positive so far.

One of them was to discover Transmedia Los Angeles, a group that meets every month (or more) to share and discuss about the hows, whys and whats of the matter. I actually -and unfortunately- haven’t been able to attend any meetings, but already learned plenty thanks to their twitter and website. 

Transmedia LA has just created a wiki, a place to share and gather precious information, all related to transmedia. Here is what they say:

This Wiki aims to be an open toolkit for everyone in the Transmedia community looking into tools, services, and other innovative resources to ease the creation of Transmedia projects. (…) Specialized knowledge is very valuable, particularly in this community. We are hoping that by sharing resources with each other we can open a dialogue of what works and doesn’t work, and avoid re-inventing the wheel as much as we can.

The wiki is fairly new, which is great because it makes it easier to explore everything that has already been shared (and there is already a lot of content) and to participate in its growth.

You can find there links to tools (websites, mobile apps, videos, e-books) to expand your game or to use in pre-production/production, as well as thoughts about transmedia storytelling examples, techniques etc.

Once again, geography is no longer an issue, these information are all free of access.


Note: If this is of any interest to you, you will likely enjoy active Transmedia LA member April Arrglington‘s  website, dedicated to transmedia.

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