It’s been couple of days that iPhone owners friends are having their fun shooting footage of us (non-iPhone owners) doing something, and then blowing the closest element near our face in the video. It is kind of funny (and ensures your eyebrows are still here) but, you know, gimmicky funny.

Today THR revealed that J.J. Abrams and his company Bad Robot are behind the Action Movie FX application, which caught my attention because everything J.J. does is worth my attention (even if sometimes it doesn’t keep it).

I watched the videos available on Youtube and it left me speechless: a tornado, Chopper crashing down, ok, even a missile attack? These are three of the 6 effects you can now inserts smoothly in video shot with your phone!

When sophisticated and fun special effects are first available for phones, (and maybe never for anything else actually) you know the next years are going to throw another revolution that might very well start with the question: do we still need a camera to shoot a movie?

So many apps are now available, making your phone a mini and portative production company, that it feels like it’s just a matter of time before the DSLRs look like the good old Motorola.

The above pictures are all from the Mad Ass Gamers video inserted below, and actually shot with an iPad (of course) although the app has not been officially released yet to be used with one, and apparently crashes on iPad from time to time.

You can get the app for free with two effects (Missile Attack and Car Smash) for free for a limited time and a total of six features already exist (Tornado, Chopper Down, Airstrike, Fire Fight Attack Bundle) for $2. It is already been announced that there are more effects to come.

Have fun.

[Thanks to @grking]

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