Directed by Jesse Rosten, Fotoshop by Adobé  has only been live for two days but went viral quick and fast, hitting the million views few hours ago.

The idea hit Rosten one night he was watching an infomercial for some beauty product. The commercial showed before and after portraits, that to my eye, looked like the same photo just photoshopped. I laughed to myself. Then I made this video.

If you haven’t yet heard or seen it, even better, watch it now, read the details after:

In an interview with Bella Sugar yesterday (when the video ‘only’ had 300,000 views), Rosten takes a bit about the process from the moment he got the idea to January 9th, when Fotoshop hit the web: I worked on this for a few months off and on whenever I could find time. We did the shoot all in one day. Editing totaled about two weeks and I kept refining the script as I went. I am a commercial director by trade but I had never done this style before, so it was a slow process for me.

The director also mentioned that the budget was pretty low, although he didn’t get into specifics, so I am guessing that favors have been asked around to make it happen. The video was shot on Red and has visual effects, and from the making-of below, you’ll see that the one day set was at a decent scale.

I am sure my gender influenced my positive reaction to the video but on a more creative side I also love how Rosten diverts the ultimate contemporary tool, Photoshop, a tool that feeds and distorts our daily imagery so much that we barely react anymore when an ad obviously over-retouched passes in fron of our eyes.

Being creative all the while sharing strong content, and going viral with it is all the good I wish to everybody for 2012. It is a win-win for the creator and for the audience.

Here is the list of credits (with a special nod to our very own Happy Hunter/Happy Helper @conigs!):

Willow Brook
Carrie Salmon
Ashley Hermsmeier

Awesome Possums:
Script Consultant – Kallie Markle
3D Renders – Paul Conigliaro
Make Up – Anna Brown, Michelle Gallagher
Hair – Joanna Shea
Production Coordinator – Lyn Rosten
1st Cam – Tyler Faires
Gear Guru – Derek Sine
Voice Artist – Molly Jenson

[Thanks to @artdepartmental]

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