John Malkovich is an actor with a long and thick filmography.

Like everybody else in pretty much every fields there are some ups and downs, but the man has been around for more than three decades, so that’s no surprise. He also has made movies that became instant classics and is not only a film actor but a stage one, and many more things. (like everybody else, I know), a website that broadcasts and keeps conferences, events, Q&A etc, just shared a video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from last February where Malkovich talks extensively about his career and work, including (but not limited to) his reaction to when he first read ‘Being John Malkovich’, the difference between stage acting and film acting, and hunger, success and failure.

One of the nice perks of is that they breakdown the video for you, so you can either watch it in its entirety, or go directly to the chapter that interests you. (see below)

Here is the list of the chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Playing Casanova
  3. Insights into Seduction
  4. ‘Being John Malkovich
  5. Role of an Actor
  6. Family Life
  7. Divided Between Europe and America
  8. Fathers and Sons in Literature
  9. Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago
  10. Theme of Brotherhood
  11. Faulkner
  12. Stage Acting vs. Film Acting
  13. Hunger, Success, Failure
  14. Tension Between America and Europe
  15. Celebrity
  16. Artists in Exile
  17. Approach to Acting
  18. ‘It’s Beyond My Control
  19. Closing Remarks

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