I haven’t been following the Oscars for many years but I already feel tired by this excess of noise that always have its ‘snubs‘, and ‘surprises‘, and ‘shocking moments‘ that all melt in a collective memory of ‘Who won the Oscars last year again?

Until vocabulary expends or humans get a third eye, no matter who is nominated, there will always be people to be horrified and others to be pleased.

So today, to counterbalanced the overflowing articles listing you the nominated while kindly adding exclamation points next to it (when really you can just click here and neutrally see for yourself) I will share with you a video already seen by more than three million people, the 2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine.

I am a huge fan of Rube Goldberg Machines and this one is definitely special:

a) it is set in a studio photo, the 2D House studio in Toronto, which means that every single item you can think of and related to photography has been used to build the machine. And believe me, equipment they have.

b) every time you think it will end, it goes crazier. Of course, there’s a timeline, so you know it is supposed to last four minutes, but four minutes is a long time for an RGM, and I caught myself looking at the timeline several times wondering how much longer it was going to go.

Watch for yourself:

This little craziness took six months in the making and here is what lead artist David Dvir says about it:

It’s been a while since the idea came to me in late November, 2010. We started construction on it in January and while there have been a lot of delays, we’ve essentially just worked our butts off to get this thing shot. It was a fun and painful project. Certainly most of the people that were heavily involved (including myself) had a love-hate relationship with it.

Want to know more? Don’t miss the making-of kindly shared on the 2D House website:

[thanks to Cuatro Ojos]

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