The Artist keeps its ascension to Academic Event Stardom, winning big in each peer-to-peer ceremonies: the movie got Best Feature Film Award from the PGA (Producers Guild of America), writer/director Michel Hazanavicius was named Best Director of 2011 at the DGA Ceremony (Director Guilds of America) last week, and Jean Dujardin won Best Male Actor in a Leading Role at the SAG Ceremony (Screen Actors Guild) two days ago.

Many are annoyed by The Artist‘s success, partly because it is an homage to old black & white silent movies and consequently feels like a regression to them (I disagree), partly because it is a French movie that got propelled into regular competition thanks to the Weinstein’s presence, when many are still wounded by last year British won against The Social Network. 

Whether you are in the annoyed group or not, it is hard not to feel good when watching this silent bloopers video that, in two minutes, gives you a hint of the happy and light mood on set, and proves that sometimes there is really no need for words:

via Orange

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