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Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling Talk About The Making Of Drive

Two years ago I listened to an interview with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn by Elvis Mitchell on KCRW (while driving in L.A.) and found the man interesting and intriguing, so I started looking into his work and fell for his powerful color-blinded visual and oddly timed scenes. Whether y ...

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Staying Creative Within A Commissioned Work: Watch MGMT New Music Video

After his cutout animated work for Apache, the music video Danger Beach, New Zealand director Ned Wenlock, aka Oneedo, was contacted by MGMT to do the music video of their cover of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.  But as Wenlock explains on his blog, if the technique was to be the same ...

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[Meta-Me] A Year in Creativity #1

To start this New Year, the reboot year as I baptized it, I have decided to inaugurate a new page on mentorless: Meta-Me. Meta-Me is my way to commit on a Year in Creativity, to be accountable, to keep track of my evolution, my victories and failures, and to make sure this year ...

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