Note: this is not only intended to Spider-man fans, although you are welcome to stick around. This is also intended to thrill hunters, TGWTDT/MTS nostalgic-ers, and transmedia/ARG lovers (but I might be getting too enthusiastic right here)

Yesterday The Amazing Spider-man trailer came out, I watched it, and what did I see? Nothing but what my myopic eyes would transmit to my brain. (whatever that is)

But at Collider, they have a whole different team and they watched it frame by frame and noticed that:

What, you don’t see anything?

Well, that would be because you are not looking at the bottom left corner, where you can vaguely see for few frames words reflected in the cool 3D vfx stuff:

(You too want to sing ‘r.e.s.p.e.c.t’ to Collider’s team? Get on the line.)

Those words are ‘mark of the spider-man‘ which, when you type them as a url lead you to a website that shows: 

a single page with six screens full of statics and a red spider.

I am aware I might be over-reacting to this because I am and probably will spend decades missing TGWTDT campaign, but this is pretty exciting nonetheless.

  • A clue planted in a smart spot.
  • No obvious marketing on the redirected website.
  • A design that reminds me of a grid, thus promising at least a certain number of quests.
  • And a wall of opacity and discretion around the whole process

…that can only make me hope for more and better.

Now, my questions:
  • will it go transmedia? I certainly hope so. We, Earthlings, like field trips
  • but if so: what on Earth can you offer for a spider-man campaign? And please don’t say costumes/t-shirts/fake spider stuff
  • will it go global? I hope so, for obvious reasons
  • will it be community base? It’s funnier when we share and work together so, yes please.
  • will they come up with a hashtag short enough for me to write meaningful poems or for us to talk to each other? Because #amazingspiderman already tires me.
  • where is the tumblr? ha.
Maybe this will be a one and only article about it, but I will keep my eyes open, so stay tuned.
The good news is that the movie is out July 3rd so if it turns out to be the campaign I hope it will be, it should be fun!

A massive thanks to ex-Salandarian Padawans @dxiong5 and @antovolk for pointing me in that direction.

May the fun begin.

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