Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 02.45.03 e1328957173113 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

(courtesy of @ancalime)

After a couple of  quiet days, probably to let us digest the excitement of mark0fthespider-man’s discovery, many things happened yesterday.

Here is where we are at:

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 00.49.21 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

1- There is a Twitter account.

 And it is @markofspiderman.

Apparently it was created on February 9th at 9.30pm PST but it sent its first tweet yesterday at 1pm.

Each of the 11 tweets sent since then have had the same structure: Property of Peter Parker… Lost or Found followed by two gps coordinates within the same city:

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 00.54.03 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

Notice the first tweet (the one at the bottom of the list), with the New York coordinates, said ‘Found’ right away. Were there any prize there and it was just a mistake? If you are a NY spidey-hunter, let us know.

So it appears that Twitter might have a place in this campaign (or maybe it was just for this round), and that #markofthespiderman is the official hashtag.

The 6 Cities spotted from the tweets are: New York, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

AlVHvwWCMAA9sh  e1328957334937 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

(courtesy of @dag_kurt)

2- Spider-Man Fans don’t Tweet. 

Or if they do, they do so within their community.

For a while yesterday, the people active on the #markofthespiderman Time Line were almost all MT-ers, which is too bad because the community aspect is what I enjoy the most in this type of experience.

Who said what:

@movielord101 is the first one who noticed and retweeted @markofspiderman’s tweets.

@AlexisJean_____ noticed that almost all the gps were leading to comic books and very early on that the statics were clickable. (it will matter later)

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 01.08.20 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

@antovolk has been actively moderating the whole event and opened a tumblr where he does almost real-time updates.

Since the ‘hunt’ was triggered by tweets, I find it odd that people wouldn’t use the official hashtag and share with a larger community, but there are also many message boards where fans who have been exchanging forever probably, keep exchanging now. (even if it takes more time and limits the number of people you can reach)

That is understandable but fortunately there are some bridge-crossers who share what have been found on their message board on Twitter as well.

That’s what @Marvel_Spider did after someone (I don’t know who, but it should be a spidey-hunter) found this link: (explanation on that part at #5)

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 01.27.16 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

Ha, the famous /xxxxx.

The page revealed this pattern:

Screen shot 2012 02 10 at 16.24.17 1024x70 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

It was not to be mistaken with a potential wild grid, and turned out to be a code.

3- Just Like Bow ties, Ciphers and Timers Are Cool

Many people reacted right away and started working on the code above. Turns out it was a pattern to use with markofthespider-man main page:

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 01.44.52 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

You had to click on the screen indicated in the pattern, in the right order.

If you want to give it a try, @sneakymoustache wrote down the numbers as well, to make it easier:

Screen shot 2012 02 10 at 16.41.08 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

And this manipulation revealed the six cities and their countdown:

Screen shot 2012 02 10 at 16.34.332 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

(thanks to @KenObryan for the early snapshot)

4-What Happened to the Spidey-Hunters?

If apparently all the cities were ‘Found’, not all the Spidey Hunters are known yet.

You can already congratulate @dag_kurt and @GuestUser17, two ex MTS-ers (see respectively here, and here) who found the two Atlanta prizes…

@silaslesnick, who found one in Los Angeles

and @ancalime and @alphabetiGAL, who found the two in Seattle.

There might be more, there should be more, but I haven’t find them. (Feel free to announce yourself, I’ll update)

So what did they find?

They apparently all found the same package, which was a backpack filled with sneakers, school artefacts including school books, pencils, doodles and early sketches of spider-man costume, pictures etc:

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 02.13.49 1024x247 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

(snapshot of all the pictures taken by @ancalime can be seen here)

5 – Is There More To It?

While we wait to see what will happen in these six cities in roughly three days, some have already started speculating about the doodles, newspaper extracts and schoolbooks contained within Parker’s backpack.

Apparently some pages are torn, and various visual elements have a suspicious feel.

We already know that the newspaper inserted in the backpack prize was holding a clue:

dag kurt [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

(courtesy of @dag_kurt)

If you take the first letter from the first word of each sentence of the text in the black box to the right, you find SLASHPREPARE. (see #2 for the consequences of that discovery)

The mixing of several medium and scales (Plant a clue on Internet that send someone on the field > Plant a clue on the field and hope for it to bounce back to Internet > Plant a Code on Internet that unlocks another page) is pretty exciting and sounds like a promise for big adventures.

Now I would say that backpack owners better start joining forces to triple check the torn pages and other elements, just to make sure there is no other hidden clues.

Screen shot 2012 02 11 at 02.50.18 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

6 – To Conclude

If there are some familiarities with MTS, it is also time to let go and accept things will be different.

MTS was built around Salander’s anti-hero personality, it was a bit dark, a bit low-key, and definitely centered on solving problems. Peter Parker being a teenager who becomes a super-hero, things will probably have more flash to the hunt as it is targeting a very different audience.

Another major difference is that MTS had very few platforms to share information, but the ones moderated by Reznor’s fans, whereas Spider-Man has been around for decades and thousands of fans already have their own venues to talk and share their buzz.

So it is clear to me that between the time difference and the spread venues to share information, it will be between hard to impossible to follow this hunt in real-time. But I will make reports like this one whenever I feel enough information have been gathered to make a sum-up, or if there is a big event (Like in three days from now?)

You will also find me on #markofthespiderman with the many people who have already been doing a great job keeping track of everything. I have mentioned few above, and the rest is on the web.

Screen shot 2012 02 10 at 16.39.09 1 [MOTSM] So What Happened Yesterday? Recap.

7-Final Note: On the Credits

For TGWTDT, credits were an issue, so I want to clear that right away: If a credit is due, or an information is wrong, please always feel free to tweet or email me so I can correct it. I try my best to keep track of who says what and when, but I only do that through Twitter and even so, it is not a 100% reliable tool.

I am always happy to correct my mistakes and to give credit where it’s due.

In the same fashion, feel free to contact me or include me in your tweet for the hunts, that makes the overall process easier.

May the fun continue…

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