If you have been on any social media lately I am sure you have stumbled upon one of these hilarious ‘Job Definition’ posters.

The first one I saw was for Producer, and I thought I had saved it, but didn’t. (sorry for the anti-climatic sentence)

Since then, thanks to editor/colorist Julie Antepli I have recuperated three of them, the screenwriter one you see above, the editor and the colorist (which I believe is from Julie).

Whoever started this trend, he/she must regret not to have put a link giving out a website, or any type of source.

The simple layer and easy to decline pattern has inspired many people already, and the theme extended to much more than jobs in the entertainment industry. (And yes, nothing says it started with a job definition in the entertainment industry either)

If you know who is behind it or have more of those (I know the producer, director and assistant director are circulating) let me know, I will be glad to add the source and additional jobs definition!

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  1. Here’s a bunch of them, not all of the same quality but pretty funny nevertheless:

    • Awesome :)
      Thanks for passing it along Stephane!

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