For a campaign that should last for few months, markofthespiderman is making a strong start.

So, what happened since last time?

1. 6 Cities, 8 hours and 30 Spidey-Hunts later…

Yesterday was the day where all the countdowns were going down, with NYC opening the ball. Each time a city’s timer reached the 00:00:00:00 mark, a Twitter account appeared, that you were wise to follow.

Here is the usual order the tweets would appear (I made a special ‘city mix’ for you):

Tweet #1> Confirmation: 

Tweet #2 >  Explanation

Tweet #3 > Location + Password

Tweet #4 > Confirmation + What’s Next

Tweet 3 and 4 were repeated 5 times for each city.


Which means that 6 twitter accounts were spreading a total of 30 ‘prizes’ for spidey-hunters to find in limited time.


Tweet #5 > That’s a Wrap

2. What Did the Spidey Hunters find?

For the 30 Lucky, the Hunt brought two spidey-hoodies, a cellphone and a note that said:

(pic and text via


Keep this cell phone fully charged and within reach at all times.

We’ll be contacting you with further instructions.

In the meantime, find a friend you can trust.

We need you both, remember, you must be 18 or older.

And keep a handle on the hoodies, you’ll be needing them.

Every hero needs a neighborhood. We are the neighborhood.

Show your support.

I enjoy the dramatic tone, especially since I never associated Spider-Man with ‘We are the neighborhood. Show your support.’ type of sentence. If you ask me, it feels very V for Vendetta, which is very much to my taste.

Kudos to the 30 Happy Hunters who arrived first, remembered the password and obtained phone and hoodies.

3. Phone Calls

The phones already rang and spidey-hunters have been contacted.

Seattle Happy Hunter @SpideyForPrez shared the phone call’s details on The Super Hero Hype‘s forum:

Thanks to @obFuSc8 and @antovolk, we now know that

  • Today at 8pm, 10 Hoodied Spidey Hunters in Seattle, and 10 in Atlanta will likely have to go somewhere and do something.
  • On Thursday at 8pm, Los Angeles and Denver are in for the same treat.
  • On Friday at 8pm, New York City and Phoenix will close the dance.

So the crowd of operatives on the field doubled to reach 60 (assuming everybody can attend).

The fact that it’s not an all-synched event makes me think that each day should bring a different adventure, so Seattle and Atlanta won’t kill the fun for the others.

4. The (Probably) Useless Information I Like to Gather

If you are an MTS veteran, you remember that each cipher unlocked a key word, and that said key word revealed a city name and a year. Back then, I collected all these information in a grid, convinced that it would all made sense at the end, and it turned out I was wrong.

But why learning from your mistakes? asked the 3 years-old in me.

Good news meta-kiddo, I didn’t.

So yesterday I made a grid of all the passwords in the order they were tweeted per cities, and today, I am sharing this precious knowledge with you:

5. Hopes For The Future

It seems unlikely that we, the Happy Followers, will have to do anything but to watch and listen in the next three days, but I am still hoping that these on-field trips will trigger a next step requiring a new collective, brainy, and global effort.

If you are one of the Seattle and/or Atlanta Spidey-Hunters, feel free to send me a report of tonight’s event. 

Also, the static screens are still… well, static screens, and I like to believe that they will leave place to future exciting excitements involving excitation.

Finally, I wouldn’t mind more pics to illustrate my reports and a bag of cash and candies.

But that’s just me.

So >We< will be watching >you<.

Have fun and…

… To Be Continued

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