Screen shot 2012 02 15 at 09.43.59 e1329327941347 1024x630 Test Your Film Knowledge With The Beautifully Crafted Animation ABC Cinema

Freelance editor and motionographer Evan Seitz freshly posted his latest animation, ABC Cinema, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was to be the new trending video for the days to come. (It had 699 views when I watched it, let’s see how fast and far it will go.)

In less than a minute Seitz built a film-related  alphabet, and get ready, it is smooth and it goes fast:

I watched it twice already, and when it starts I am all about finding the movies title but at some point I get hypnotized, and when it hits Star Wars, I freak out and wonder how it is S already.  (Please, don’t thank me for that powerful interlude that I modestly titled: A Sentence In My Head)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, it reminds me of the Tintin’s unofficial credits animation, apparently centered-circles animation are trending this year.

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